17 memes on the Netflix show ‘You’

This thrill-ride of a show has engrossed everybody so far. ‘You’ is a psychological thriller, an adaption of Caroline Kepnes’ novel. You’ll be glued to the screen mostly because of Joe Goldberg. However, he is a self-absorbed psychopath, you would want him to not get caught.

Joe’s insecurities shape him into the crazy stalker he is. The other characters have comical names such as Forty, Love, Sunshine and more. This show is messed up, wild and amusing.

After its second season was aired, the fans have gone to the far end with the hilarious memes. There is ton of humor. If you’ve watched the series then you’re already part of the inside joke. But if you haven’t then these can be major plot spoilers.

These are so relatable ‘You’ Netflix Memes!

1. Stalking abilities 😉

You memes - twitter
Credits: Twitter

This one is so true. I crossed paths with this guy at a seminar last year and could only catch his first name. I ran it through all my social media search bars in the hope. But, haven’t found him yet!

2. Oh Joe, I totally feel you

You memes - memebase
Credits: memebase

3. Meh!

I don't think this relationship is working out
Credits: Twitter

4. Jealous alert!

When she comments LMAO
Credits: Ebaum’s World

Trust me, you don’t want to see jealous Joe.

5. Joe be like:

When you ask her about her day

6. Babe, you don’t know me yet!

I'm glad you are not one of those crazy girls
Credits: Memebase

Aw, maybe you should have done some prior investigation.

7. Rescue Taylor

Rescue Taylor
Credits: The Funny Beaver

Please somebody warn Taylor! Bad blood is sitting beside her.

8. Eh, cringe.

Funny meme You
Credits: Memebase

9. Aw, Joe <3

Aw Joe
Credits: Instagram (just_you_serie)

10. Yes, y’all ladies

Credits: Twitter

Even after Joe’s tough life, he still manages to TEXT BACK! You know how busy he remains with all the homicidal nonsense. But, always takes time to text. All the ladies out there, don’t settle for less.

11. Perhaps not!

Credits: Netflix

No matter how much I like Joe but watching You made me change my mind about dating a little. You never know!

12. That’s pretty ironic, Joe.

Ironic Joe meme
Credits: Femestell.com

13. Oh, Netflix *blushes*

Netflix meme
Credits: Cheezburger

For one second, I started getting butterflies. Netflix, you gotta stop dude. This isn’t funny.

14. Beck is an aspiring poet

Beck aspiring poet
Credits: Netflix

Oh Beck, I don’t know how to tell you this but maybe you can do something else other than poetry.

15. That hat!

Goldberg netflix
Credits: Cheezburger

16. I’m you

Credits: Ahseeit.com

17. No can do

Joe you - Elite Daily
Credits: Elite Daily

These Netflix ‘You’ memes have been blowing the internet insanely. There have been tons of gif-able moments. After its two seasons, the fans are desperately waiting for a season three. So far, the plans are under the wraps so, we don’t have a clue of it.

Well, Joe (Pen Badgley) is an evil person but there are so many times when he has made us swoon. The way this show unfolds will keep you at the edge of your seat, biting your nails and picking your hair. But, it will promise you a great time of entertainment.

If you still haven’t watched it yet, then what on earth are you waiting for? Grab snacks and set the mood for this amazing binge-worth show.

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