Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition launches with the final trailer

Xenoblade chronicles definitive edition is finally launched killing the wait. The game was launched along with the final trailer further exciting the gamers to the core. Xenoblade Chronicles is a Japanese role-playing game, with Monolith Soft as developers and Nintendo as publishers this game is widely popular throughout the world.

Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition

The first version was released for Wii by Nintendo, initially, it marked its ingress in japan in 2010, then it got released in 2015 in the PAL region and finally, in 2012, it entered the markets of North America. Xenoblade Chronicle’s definitive edition is nothing but the refactored version of the original and classical version of the Xenoblade Chronicles. It is released exclusively for the users of the Nintendo switch on 29th May 2020. It is now available for the gamers at the price of $60.

It is a superlative version of the classic edition with myriad features like the enhancement of visuals and graphics, redone controls, remastered music, advancement in gameplay, and also a new epilogue. Not only these it has much more distinctive attributes as compared to the first version. Though the basic storyline remains the same we can witness the alterations in the technical aspects. Shulk remains as the main protagonist and will be back with his other team members joining the quest.

Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition

Xenoblade Chronicles was officially announced in 2019 September. The set up of the story is placed in a universe separated by two opposing worlds Bionis and Mechonis. The place is filled with the frozen bodies of the two main groups Bionis and Mechonis, this evinces the amount of action that the game offers. The game begins from the point where Shulks ownership of the Monado is defined, Monado is a powerful sword which can foresee the future. Shulk uses it to forestall the impediments. Along with people of Bionis, Homs who are also a subset of people in Bionis are similar to humans are in a constant never-ending war with a specific race called the Mechon machine race of Mechonis. This very species lifetime is greater than any other older Bionis species. Monado ha bein a quintessential weapon in this longlasting war and Bionis are the proud owners who wield this sword. During a certain attack, Shulk is brought to light about his capability of possessing and using Monado. He is one of the numerous Homs who had this power. He embarks on a journey initially to take vengeance against Reyn who is his best friend. On this journey, Shulk is introduced with many other characters each having their prominence in this perpetual war. 

Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition

Apart from the remodeling of a few aspects the definitive edition also has a future connected epilogue that makes it interesting as well as distinctive. Melia’s and Shulk’s friendship is seen through the epilogue as it guarantees an ultimate adventure that involves the search of Melia’s family and the journey to the capital. Despite their strong vow of a journey, they are eventually invaded and introduced by an eerie new enemy, and they fall back in the Bionis shoulder. Kino and Nene are a pair of Nipon that helps them combat the number of different enemies that they confront.”Fog Beasts” is one of the new enemies that has been introduced in the Xenoblade chronicles definitive edition.

All these enrichments in the gameplay and advancements in the technical aspects make it a “must play ” for gamers. Will this upgraded version beats the classic version or reminds us of how best the real version was?  

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