Xbox Series X will officially Launch this November?

A few months back we just got a rough idea about the Xbox Series X. Is it the time for it to launch? According to some of the sources, the Xbox Series X will be releasing this November. Yes, just in a few months you will get to use the Xbox Series X. After a really long wait, people will finally be able to purchase it.

xbox series x launch

The exact date of the release of Xbox Series X is still not clear. As we know, the Xbox Series X is a device launched by Microsoft. As announced by Halo infinite, this would be one of the greatest releases of all times. The Xbox series X console is said to be released in November.

More about Xbox series X

Xbox series X is believed to have over 1000 title games with 4 generations. It is believed that there will be over 50 new games for the Xbox series. Along with this, we will have new features compared to the old Xbox console.  It is also said that Xbox Series X will be competing with Sony. After all, Sony is planning on releasing its PlayStation 5 soon.

Xbox Series X is one of Microsoft’s greatest creations. That is to say, the outlook of the whole Xbox Series X is unique. It is tall and comes in the shape of a rectangle. The Xbox Series X also has a lot of SSD storage and has new upgrades.

Launch of Xbox Series X

Further, the Xbox Series X is said to be launched this November as scheduled. It is said that this Xbox Series X will be launched almost in all parts of the world. One can purchase the console online or offline. Launching roughly between November 15th to November 30th, extra titles are also being added.

This Xbox Series X will be made available almost everywhere. Microsoft is planning for the release of this Xbox Series X at the same time around the globe. In fact, there are chances of a possible Sony PlayStation 5 clash (a new release with additional features)

xbox series x launch


Although the price hasn’t been announced for the XBOX yet, a rough estimate about its price could be around $500-600. Looking back at the previous prices we can expect that Xbox Series X price will be beyond 500 dollars to 600 dollars. This increase can be attributed to the additional features and new development of this Xbox. As Microsoft had previously declared, it would be charging monthly, thus, this is the annual price announced.

To sum up, it is confirmed that the Xbox Series X will be released in November but there is no confirmed date by Microsoft yet. But it is confirmed that this Xbox Series X will have over 100 games with some amazing new features. Fingers crossed!

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