Xbox Series X Pre-Order Guide- Price, Release Date , Pre-order and More

The next-generation of Xbox consoles will be coming later this year in the form of the Xbox Series X. There is no information about its price yet as the retailers have not announced their pre-order allocation.

XBOX Series X Price, Release and more

The Xbox Series X is the next games console from Microsoft. Following the phenomenal success of the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and the original Xbox before it, we can assume that the Xbox Series X is aiming to be newer, bigger and better than all of its predecessors. Xbox Series X is also originally known as Project Scarlett. Inside the six inch wide and twelve inch tall Xbox Series X, you can expect a custom AMD CPU and GPU and 16GB of GDDR6 SDRAM that make it a powerful piece of kit. The target performance is 4k resolutions at 60fps with real time ray tracing, though it should be supporting 8k resolutions and up to 120 fps rendering.

There should be some more news a little nearer to it’s launch. Though we had expected this information about where can one place a pre-order for Xbox Series X to come out at the E3, but now the show has been cancelled due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Although, it seems quite likely that more details should be emerging about the Xbox Series X pre-orders around then. After this you can expect regular retailers like Amazon, Game and ShopTo to battle it out for the cheapest price.

We are not sure of the exact price either. Microsoft would not want to price itself out of the market if the PlayStation 5 is substantially less. We are neither expecting it to be as inexpensive as a Nintendo Switch as because the level of hardware involved with the Xbox Series X such as its use of AMD’s Zen 2 CPU architecture will make it pricier. Also, it having features like a solid state drive which will increase it’s price.

XBOX Series X Price, Release date, Pre-order and more

We have been promised that it will be released in the ‘Holidays 2020’ which suggests that it can be any time in the autumn or in early winter. Most likely it to be released is in the month of November in 2020. Even with the current issues due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Microsoft has said that they still expect to hit this release window. Though, this can change if they are unable to ensure the safety of the staff and supply lines.

Microsoft revealed the Xbox Series X at last year’s Game Awards and since then it has been trickling out information about its next-gen console. It seems as Microsoft wants their buyers to know first what they are paying for before it reveals its price and opens pre-orders. “We think, in the end, what people want from us is … to put a controller (in their) hand,” said Xbox partner director of program management Jason Ronald in a December 2019 interview. “People tell me, ‘Hey, I want to pre-order right now,’ and we definitely love that–like it’s great to have those fans–but I also know that these investments aren’t trivial for families. I want to be transparent about what our design goals are.”

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