Movies to watch this World Mental Health Day

Every year on the 10th of October, World Mental Health Day (WMHD) is celebrated. This day is a celebration of self. But, I feel that we should acknowledge our mental health on a daily basis. We need to smash the stereotypes. You and I both deserve to be at peace, away from the chaos.

However, movies have been a great medium of spreading message to a large audience. There are several movies that beautifully portray struggles of people who suffer from mental illness. We’ve picked some movies that have brought up the issue of mental health to the world.

1. The Aviator (2004) (WMHD)

This is the biopic of Howard Hughes played by the classical Leonardo DiCaprio. The versatile Hughes has huge plans for himself. He is strong-willed and set on doing something exceptional in the filmmaking and aviation sector. But, as things unfold he comes face to face with his symptoms of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

They subtly present the struggles which came with Hughes success. The hardships and troubles he went through. DiCaprio has really morphed into the character which makes the movie more engrossing. This one is a masterpiece.

2. Good Will Hunting (1997)

Good Will Hunting - World Mental Health Day
Credits: IMDb

This movie will captivate you and take you into the not-so-perfect world of Will Hunting (Matt Damon). He’s academically brilliant. But, unlike his academic record, his childhood was rather abusive. This leads him to form defence mechanisms and build walls so high. He mostly keeps to himself except his best friend (Ben Affleck).

Later on, his therapist comes into the picture played by Robin Williams. He understands Will like no one else. He successfully manages to pull Will out of his world of solitary. They develop a unique bond which helps Will with his traumatic past experiences.

It has a wonderful storyline which will be etched in your heart for a lifetime. Include this one in your list of Mental Health Day movies!

3. To the bone (2017)

This one is my personal favorite. It is not just about anything, it is about recovery. Ellen (Lily Collins) is a 20-year-old college dropout suffering from Anorexia Nervosa (an eating disorder). This movie shows the raw version of how somebody with eating disorders actually feels.

The conflicts and out-of-control feelings are showcased in the movie. Moreover, Lily’s performance in the movie is laudable too. Also, Keanu Reeves, who has played the therapist has given a great performance. This one is must-watch.

4. A Beautiful Mind (2001) (WMHD)

world mental health day movies to watch
Credits: IMDb

This is the biographic movie of the prodigy mathematician and game theory explorer, Dr. John Forbes Nash Jr. played by Russel Crowe. It has won an Oscar in 2001.

The movie chronicles, schizophrenia and the efforts put by Nash and his wife Alicia (Jennifer Connelly) to battle his psychological issues. Ron Howard (the director) has showcase his growth and the setbacks. It is inspiring and positive. It makes you sniff.

A Beautiful Mind tops the list of Mental health Day movies.

5. Manchester By The Sea

movies to watch this world mental health day
Credits: IMDb

This Oscar-nominated film features Cassey Affleck. It is about an adult Lee Chandler who has constant thoughts of suicide and substance abuse is his major way of coping.

However, untimely demise of his brother makes him the legal guardian of his nephew. They both are broke and somehow relate to each other in many ways. Over time, they become fairly close and start finding humor through difficult times.

The supporting cast is so spot on too. This one feels really phenomenal.

If anyone who is reading this is suffering from mental health then please reach out to someone. People are there for you. You have and always been worthy of all the love and support. Talk to someone with whom you feel comfortable. Catharsis is a significant step towards positive mental health. You deserve happiness <3.

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