Will Noughts + Crosses have a season 2? Cast, plot, release and more

There has been no official signal from the BBC about their continuation of the movie Noughts + Crosses. But here’s why we expect it to return with Noughts + Crosses Season 2: Blackman’s books have a lot of utility and source if the movie gets continued.

Filming was started in South Africa for the main season in November 2018. Propelling the show 16 months after the fact. This would then, for the most part, be proper for a second season to start arranging and recording before the finish of 2020, and to arrive in mid-2021. But then again all of these are probabilities. Because of current scenarios, with rules around social distancing, the movie is definitely going to be delayed.

What might happen next? :

(Source : RadioTimes)

Though you might expect season 2 of Noughts + Crosses to adapt Knife Edge, the climax to the first season of Noughts + Crosses appears to diverge from the first book’s storyline, which could have big ramifications for what follows.

Noughts + Crosses (the book) ends with Callum being executed after his relationship with Sephy, and the fact that she is carrying his child, is exposed.

Noughts + Crosses (the TV series) ends with the two lovers both still alive, but on the run. Given that Knife Edge sees both Sephy and Callum’s brother Jude still reeling from his death, it’s hard to see how the BBC could bring a faithful adaptation of that book to the screen with Callum still in the picture.

So is TV show going to have Callum stick around and forge its own path going forward? It’s possible, but comments by Malorie Blackman seem to suggest that this isn’t quite the plan.

Blackman’s statement suggests that a second season of Noughts + Crosses would bring the final act of the first book to the screen, including Callum’s death, with future episodes then going on to adapt the events of Knife Edge and the novels that follow.

The first season of Noughts + Crosses adapts the 2001 novel of the same name, with 2004’s Knife Edge being the next book in the series.

Three more books then follow – Checkmate (2005), Double Cross (2008) and Crossfire (2019), with one final entry in the series – Endgame – in the works.

Noughts + crosses season 2
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Cast of Noughts + Crosses season 2:

  • Masali Baduza as Persephone “Sephy” Hadley, the daughter of a Cross politician and childhood friend of Callum
  • Jack Rowan as Callum McGregor, one of the first Nought cadets at Mercy Point and a childhood friend of Sephy
  • Helen Baxendale as Meggie McGregor, Callum and Jude’s mother and a housekeeper for the Hadley family
  • Paterson Joseph as Home Secretary Kamal Hadley
  • Josh Dylan as Jude McGregor, Callum’s militant older brother
  • Shaun Dingwall as Jack Dorn, leader of the Liberation Militia
  • Jonathan Ajayi as Lieutenant Lekan Baako, a military officer and Sephy’s boyfriend
  • Kiké Brimah as Minerva Hadley, Sephy’s older sister
  • Rakie Ayola as Prime Minister Opal Folami
  • Bonnie Mbuli as Jasmine Hadley, Kamal’s wife and Sephy and Minerva’s mother
  • Ian Hart as Ryan McGregor, Callum and Jude’s father and a former militant activist

A quick look back to Season 1 :

Sephy, the Cross daughter of powerful Home Secretary Kamal Hadley, and Callum, the Nought son of their housekeeper Meggie McGregor. They reunite, and a spark is ignited. Albion is shaken by the aftermath of events at Demwa Hospital, and Sephy makes a mistake that changes Callum’s life forever.

We genuinely hope for release of Noughts + Crosses Season 2, what is your take on this? DO let us know in the comments down below!

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