WhatsApp will quit a major inconvenience in your apple iPhone and also Android chat application

From boring family groups to re-union WhatsApp hubs, there always exists a group or two, which you can neither exit nor it brings you enough engrossment. The typical solution to this problem was to mute the chat groups for either a day, a month, or a whole year. This would make sure that no notifications from Whatsapp group chats show up, quite a
relief, right?

But unfortunately, the option worked perfectly for muting messages from the group chatboz but it would not block any calls from the same.

whatsapp group chat

The most welcomed change in WhatsApp

Since you cannot log out from the app, you are pretty much online, all the time, whenever you turn your internet on. That being said, WhatsApp also provides you with an option to turn off your visibility which means, your contacts have no idea and direction of your appearance on the app, so you can ignore them without being caught! But this can also generate serious problems, such as a person trying to reach out to you would never see you
online, convincing him/her, that you most probably don’t use the app. So ignoring all your contacts, just for a few of them is not done at all.
The recent hype in the market about WhatsApp is all about, how it is planning to bring in a permanent mute option with hopefully slight improvements, as because if WhatsApp group chats or contacts can stay on mute from your side for a whole year, a permanent option would pretty much act as an ultimate savior as you will not have to renew it – say every month or year.

According [email protected]аInfo&ndаsh; аn аccount thаt trаwls through the lаtest betа versions of WhаtsApp to uneаrth clues аbout upcoming feаtures and more fulfilling options. WhаtsApp is looking to switch the one-yeаr mute option for аn ever-lаsting “mute аlwаys” setting for group chats.
So until the option finally lands in your phone, you can always look out for either of the following tips to maintain your peace :

  1. Turn the mute option on, by clicking on the group subject and finally clicking on the mute option. You can either choose to mute WhatsApp group chats for one day, month, or a year and then renew it as per your requirements.
  2. Next up, you can turn off your visibility, as mentioned above.
  3. And finally, you can turn your notifications off for the app, from your master settings.
    This was all about the sneak-peak that Facebook-owned App is awaiting for us, and for more, please stay tuned!
Picture credits to Android Authority and Techcircles.
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