Facebook is looking to merge WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram Direct, here’s how all this might look like.

whatsapp messenger and instagram
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The tech giant, Facebook is currently testing a new feature. It would effectively merge WhatsApp with Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct, according to the reports.

The California based tech giant, Facebook has made some of its biggest acquisitions, by acquiring WhatsApp and Instagram. After the acquisitions, the company faced several speculations, with the first being that will they ever integrate the two companies together?

Last year, Mark Zuckerberg gave us a hint that they have intentions to merge the two popular social media apps. The merger will provide an advanced and seamless experience to its users. It will let users use only a single app to exchange messages instead of installing several apps.

Although there’s still confusion regarding data security. As to whether the integration between WhatsApp and Messenger will take place along with end-user encryption or not.

Facebook Planning to Merge The Apps:

The inevitable update was excavated hidden in the code of Messenger by credible tech fanatic WABetaInfo.

The integration of WhatsApp into Facebook Messenger isn’t available yet,” the tech guru said.

This is a very complicated feature and it requires time. We’ve no idea if the plan to merge those services will continue or if it will be abandoned.

According to WABetaInfo reports, developer Alessandro Paluzzi enlightened the Facebook tipster about the likelihood of integration of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. 

Facebook is planning such a merger In order to organize messages and services with other WhatsApp users. The developer excavated some vital considerations about this integration, like the code that implies, Facebook is creating some tables in a local database. 

End-To-End Encryption Might Be Retained:

The code references imply that Facebook will be able to identify sounds of push alerts and even some chat information if a WhatsApp connection is blocked.

This could include data such as the contact’s phone number, a message counter if the chat is archived, but definitely ‘not its content.’ Apart from that Facebook Messenger will also be able to view users of a similar WhatsApp community as well as profile contact photos.

As we all are aware that WhatsApp features end-to-end user encryption. It means that the messages are not being collected by Facebook, but the code for a local database is a work in progress. WABetaInfo predicts that Facebook may import the Signal protocol to encrypt and decrypt messages which WhatsApp already uses.

The features are in the introductory stages. There are confirmations whether this feature will have a disable function or not. Looking at the complexity of the rumored feature, the tech giant might have even ditched this feature in the future.

Although even if this integration does see the light of day, WABetaInfo feels that messages from WhatsApp will remain end-to-end encrypted.

WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram Integration:

whatsapp messenger and instagram merger
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Last year the New York Times revealed Facebook’s plan on merging their apps. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg later confirmed the news.

Mark Zuckerberg said in an earnings call in January 2019: “I can talk about messaging and the integration that we’re thinking about.

“This is going to be a long-term project that I think will probably be to whatever extent we end up doing it in – a 2020 thing or beyond.”

The project is expected to encompass “thousands of Facebook employees” working to merge the apps together.

Facebook Messenger, along with Facebook-owned WhatsApp and Instagram, will still exist as standalone apps. Although the messaging functionality would be distributed across them, so users on Instagram could text people on WhatsApp. This means that you can even message someone on Instagram without ever actually having an Instagram account.

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