Valorant: Release Date, Trailer, Gameplay, and Characters

Valorant is going to be the latest hot addition to the multiplayer first-person shooter category, the official date for the release of the game is June 2, 2020, so it is not a long wait and thus the right time for you to learn what’s in store.

The game is developed and published by Riot Games and is set to release solely for the Windows platform. It was announced in October last year during the 10 year anniversary stream of Riot Games under the name of “Project A”


The game is supposed to be a tactical shooting game and make use of the first-person perspective. The setting of the game is in the near future where the player takes control of various agents from different countries. 

The players have to build teams of five where they can either be on the defending or attacking side making the game similar to the Counter-Strike Global Offensive -Esque style except the game has powered characters in addition to the plethora of different type of guns present at their disposal.

The attacking team in the game has to plant a bomb known as the spike on a particular site and if they are able to defend the bomb till detonation the team wins and the defending team wins if they successfully diffuse the bomb. While eliminating the other team also counts as a win before the bomb goes off.

The game is set for 24 rounds and the team to wind more times is the winner of the match.

Valorant Release Date

The game is set to release for the Windows platform on June 2, 2020 while the provision for beta testing was provided to some and the beta testing is going to close on May 28th itself.

Reception to the Trailer and beta testing

The game was released for beta-testing where the account holders of both Riot and Twitch, were gifted a chance to test the game ahead of its release.

The game was praised by the polygon journalist, Austin Gosling who described the game as “one of the most fun tactical shooters I’ve played”. Austin also said that the game was very refined in its gameplay.

Valorant made good numbers on the first day of its beta launch, becoming the game to amass the second-highest number of concurrent viewers on Twitch at 1.7 million, only to be lesser than 1.73 million which was achieved by another production of Riot Games, “League of Legends”.


There is a huge hype for the game and it is one of the free to play games it is most likely to see a good launch.

Although the game has good gameplay and structures, the concept of the game is very similar to the some other first-person games in the market such as Valve’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Blizzard’s hero-based shooter Overwatch which would make it very difficult for the game to stand on its own if the gameplay is exactly the same and the game doesn’t offer anything additional.

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