Upcoming: The Last Of Us Part 2

A game that has won several awards even before its release is finally out for us to get our hands on it. The Last Of Us 2 or The Last of Us part 2  is laying its foundation by slaying our wait.

This Action-adventure game has been published by Sony Interactive Entertainment and developed by Naughty Dog. Undoubtedly it is one of the major releases for Play Station this year. In 2017 it has won the most anticipated game from the PlayStation blog awards and the game awards. It has also won the most wanted game from the golden joystick awards in the same year.

The Last of Us is certainly a tour de force of Naughty Dog. It has been praised and hailed everywhere for its outstanding storytelling that takes us through a roller coaster of emotions. It has made us establish a connection with the characters through their realistic creation. Not only this the survival notion of this game also teaches us certain lessons of life. After such a stellar response to the first part no wonder they are considerate in releasing a part 2.

the last of us part 2


Though the development of the last of us part 2 began in 2014 the official announcement for the game was made in December 2016. Be it the development issues or due to other problems that the pandemic invited, the number of delays it underwent miffed the fans all over the world.

It was initially scheduled to be released on February 21, 2020, now it is all set to enthral us from June 19, 2020. Sony has also gifted the fans with an exclusive preview before the official launch of the game.


This game is a sequel to The Last of Us’s first part which was released in the year 2013. The story is forwarded to five years after the events in the last of us part one. It is a role-playing game, as players imbibe the character of Ellie a 19-year-old girl.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world of United States, the story picks up when she encounters an enigmatic Christian cult. The game takes us through a third-person perspective with several segments of horror combined with the character’s struggle for survival. Players are well equipped with different weapons, firearms as well us stealth to fight the inimical humans and other species that have been transformed due to the infection of a fungus named Cordyceps. 


There are significant enhancements in the gameplay mechanics as compared to the previous part.

  • The agility of the character has improved by providing a chance for the players to jump, crawl, and climb, as such to wander the environment to a greater extent.
  • The crawling of the player is largely helpful to the players to elude the malicious fungus-infected enemies.
  • The majority of the game is set up in Seattle, Washington. The player will have a companion helping them all through the game, this companion is a nonplayer character.
  • The skill tree is a provision for the players to upgrade their skills. Survival, Stealth, and Crafting are the three core branches of this skill tree. The skills are updated when the player fulfils the requirement by collecting the needed elements. The survival branch is for boosting health. Stealth is for improvising the agility and also to unlock pistol silencers. Crafting is evidently for developing Ellie’s crafting capability.
  • Guard dogs that can sense the character through their smell are also introduced in the last of us part 2.

With such wonderful features it raises the bar of expectations. The fans are hoping it would be as exceptional as the previous version was.

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