Top 10 Awaited smartphones in 2021, All You Need To Know!

Technology has been a great part at least during times like these. We are dependent on technology now. As we speak about the technology we have to talk about the evolution of the phone. From bringing in the first-ever Nokia phone to some touch screen smartphones weren’t easy. Phones have come up and developed in such a manner that we are now curious as to what will phone become in the future. So, here are some of the top 10 awaited smartphones in 2021.

High awaited phones for the year 2021.

iPhone 12 series :

top 10 smartphones in 2021

 iPhone has been in the industry for quite a long time. The iPhone 12 series will be releasing in the year 2021. The overall look of the iPhone 12 series remains the same as iPhone 11 pro max but will have some new features. 

Apple iPhone SE plus:

top 10 smartphones in 2021

Apple is also planning to launch another phone by the year 2021. This will be similar to the recent release that is the iPhone SE. This new iPhone SE plus will have a design as the iPhone 8 plus but with features similar to XR. This is said to be released in early 2021. But it hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Xiaomi flip phone :

top 10 smartphones in 2021

This phone will be similar to the Samsung flip phone. Xiaomi will be releasing its first-ever flip phone by the end of this year or the year 2021. This phone is set with an aim to produce at a lesser price. It is believed that this phone will have some new features at a lesser rate.

Samsung Galaxy notes 20:

top 10 smartphones in 2021

Galaxy Note 20 will have the best camera quality compared to any other Samsung phone overall. It is said that this phone will be releasing later this year. This phone will be releasing soon this year.

Samsung galaxy Z fold 2 :

Samsung has announced in August that they would soon be releasing their new flip phone. this phone is ultra-thin and is different from the first fold.

One plus  8T :

This phone is a new series that is it is a ‘T’ series. This phone will have a wireless mode. One plus is also the fastest-growing company these days. This company is all set to release its new phone by 2021.

LG phone B project :

As we know LG has been decreasing in the market especially in this sector. After 4 complete years, LG is playing to release its new smartphone rollable LG phone B project. There is not much information given but it is said this phone will also release in the year 2021 and it is among Top 10 Smartphones in 2021.

Huawei matte 40 pros:

There is not much information provided by Huawei. But their new release is said to be releasing later this year. This phone will have a lot of developed features along with some camera up-gradation.

Google Pixel 5 :

Google has also set up on releasing its new phone that is pixel 5. This will be the first release in 5 years. It is believed that this will be affordable and user friendly. Google is also not holding back when it comes to phones.

Huawei Mate X2 :

The Mate X2 by Huawei will be completely different from the Mate when it comes to the exterior design. This phone is believed to be released by the end of 2020. This phone will bring in some new interior features as well.

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