‘The Walking Dead: World Beyond’ Hit or Miss?

There might be some major spoilers!

The Walking Dead: world Beyond - Season 1 Ep 1 Brave
Credits: AMC

After the Fear the Walking Dead, AMC is back with yet another version. The Walking Dead: World Beyond was aired on October 4, 2020 on AMC. This time we get to view the world of Walking Dead through the vision of teenagers. The pilot episode of the series is tiled ‘Brave’.

The sisters, Iris (Aliyah Royale) and Hope Bennet (Alexa Mansour), are polar opposites. Iris is our usual straight-A student, president of the graduating class of her high schools and aims to follow the footsteps of her father who is a scientist. Her eyes are always glistening with big goals.

On the other hand, Hope possesses her fair share of intelligence but doesn’t strive for goals the way her sister does. She is the defiant teenager who throws parties and illegally consumes alcohol. Sounds cliché, right?

They are the residents of the Campus Colony which was previously known as Nebraska State University. Their father had left them at an early age to work for the Civic Republic. The little knowledge that we’ve about it is that it is located somewhere (unspecified) part of U.S. We’ve also gathered that he’s working on a rather possible cure for the zombie plague. Well, this gives us many fascinating possibilities to ponder over.

Episode One ‘Brave’

As the episode one ‘Brave’ unfolds, it is the Tenth Annual Commemoration of Monument Day. This day is in the memory of the dead. The duo also encounters Elizabeth who is the supposedly evil. Hope instantly knows that something is quite off about her.

However, both the sisters are drowned in the guilt of their own.

Iris feels guilty because Hope had to witness the demise of their mother alone. She thinks that she should’ve been there for her sister during difficult times.

Similarly, Hope feels guilty because of her reflex action that very day. She’d killed the pregnant woman in her wrath.

We get to see that both of them are troubled in their own way. Iris has her nightmares chasing her. She attends therapy sessions in an attempt to block them. One day, her therapist advises her to focus on herself. But, it is the last of her therapist she could hear. As when she goes back to her, she faces her transformed therapist into an ’empty’ – as they’ve put in the show.

Teen’s Trek

Credits: AMC

The only mode of communication between them and their father is the pager arrangement that they’ve hidden in their school. Consequently, they receive a message from their dad which says: ‘My safety not guaranteed’.

This troubles them and Hope suggests that they go help their dad. Felix, who was a close friend of their dad, is their guardian. However, this alarming messages leads them to travel a thousand miles. After all, they’ve nothing to lose.

They’re accompanied by two of their classmates, Elton (Nicolas Cantu) and Silas (Hal Cumpston). These boys, too, have traumas of their own.

You’ll feel like these are just kids on a field day of their school. You’ll be confused whether to really stream it or just skip it.

The team will have to fight a lot of ’empties’ throughout their way. This show can be considered fine to watch. Giving it a miss won’t make much of a difference.

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