The Walking Dead Characters

Here is a list of all the The Walking Dead characters that featured on the show-

Carol Peletier

The Walking Dead characters- Carol

Actor-Melissa McBride

Significant others-Tobin

Children-Sophia Peletier, Lizzie and Mika Samuels (adopted), Henry (adopted)

First appearance-The Walking Dead: “Tell It to the Frogs” (2010)

Carol Peletier is a meek housewife and mother of Sophia at the survival camp in Atlanta, Georgia. She has been present for the longest time as a female character on The Walking Dead. When she is first introduced, she is seen travelling with her family with the original Atlanta group. There were many incidents throughout the show that transformed her into a completely different woman from what we perceived Carol Peletier as. From the woman who was so submissive, she became a fantastic leader who isn’t afraid to take chances to keep her group safe.

We see Carol getting beaten up by her extremely abusive husband in season one of the show. She had a very secondary role and was consistently let down by her husband. Now when you move on to season ten, she transformed herself into a leader who is unafraid of taking up responsibilities to protect her people. She plays her role as the head of the group in a very laudable fashion. Above that, she also ensures the safety of its members from the Walkers. However, it hasn’t been an easy road for Carol Peletier. She has gone through a lot and her past has moulded her into what she is today. It provided her immense strength and showed us what a strong woman is capable of.

She leaves the house during the initial outbreak with her daughter Sophia and her husband Ed. They join the camp of survivors going to Atlanta. After her daughter disappears, she forms a romantic relationship with a fellow survivor, Daryl Dixon.

When she finds out that her daughter was bitten and turned into a Walker, she is shaken. Therefore, in order to protect herself from danger, she builds inner strength and resilience, becoming increasingly proficient with weapons, and gains medical experience through Hershel Greene’s assistance. Later on, she briefly becomes the parental guidance of Lizzie and Mika Samuels after the death of their father. When she arrives at the Alexandria Safe-Zone, Carol briefly forms a romantic relationship with fellow Alexandrian Tobin and becomes an adviser to Rick Grimes following Hershel’s death.

After the war against the Saviors, she relocates to the Kingdom. She marries Ezekiel and adopts Henry. Furthermore, Carol also goes on to become one of the five co-leaders of the Coalition alongside Gabriel Stokes, Tara Chambler, Ezekiel, and Cyndie. Devastated by Henry’s death and haunted by the loss and the fall of Kingdom, she abandons Ezekiel and moves back to Alexandria with Daryl and Lydia. She is in an indecisive condition of wanting to separate from everyone and everything. She seeks revenge for the death of her son and might be capable to go to great lengths to do so.

In the start, Carol is seen as someone who is introverted, soft-spoken, meek and defenceless. However, after the death of her daughter, she starts to gain more confidence in herself while strengthening her bond with other members of the group. Her character’s arc is described as a “hero’s journey” by executive producer Scott M. Gimple, having made many difficult decisions in order to survive.

Eugene Porter

The Walking Dead characters- eugene

Portrayed by-Josh McDermitt


Lieutenant of the Saviors

Engineer for the Alexandria Safe-Zone

Chief Engineer for the Sanctuary

Head of the Bullet Factory Outpost

Biofuel producer

First appearance– “Inmates” (2014)

Eugene Porter is the catfish of the show, The Walking Dead. He claims to be a scientist knows the cure to the zombie plague and is being escorted to Washington D.C. by Sgt. Abraham Ford and Rosita Espinosa. When he encounters Rick Grimes’ group he tries to recruit them into his so-called mission. Although he is overweight and possesses virtually no skills of his own, he is highly resourceful and intelligent in using technology to ensure the group’s survival. Eventually, others in the group come to know of Eugene’s lie that he is just a simple high school teacher and not a scientist with a cure to the virus. He manipulated others into taking him in so that he reaches Washington D.C. which is everyone’s best chance at survival. This part, however, is true as everyone reaches Alexandria Safe-Zone where Eugene becomes its primary engineer. However, his lie puts a strain on their friendship. Eventually, Abraham forgives him and they continue being friends.

Eugene is not the one to display his emotions. He has a vast knowledge of books and speaks in a pedantic, clinical fashion. He is an avid reader and this has helped him get through a lot of difficult situations. He sports a mullet and is also a voyeur who enjoys watching others have sex and eyeing up women. Moreover, Eugene is depicted as an atheist who is fond of lobsters and enjoys pickles. He is also known to have an ability for neologism.

His skills in producing resources and intellect are much appreciated by Negan but were not recognized by the members of Alexandria. As a result, he joins the Saviors and eventually became a high-ranking member, serving as one of Negan’s lieutenants and the Sanctuary’s chief engineer. Though after his encounter with his former group member Rosita, he decides to save them and the militia in the war by causing the Savior weapons to explode at a vital moment, earning his friends forgiveness and acceptance once more. Six years after Rick’s assumed death, he serves as Alexandria’s engineer, with people having a greater appreciation for his talents.

Eugene is the kind of self-centred person who prioritizes his own well-being over others and could even go to lengths of allowing others to sacrifice for him under the pretence that he was an important scientist. Not only this, Eugene genuinely expressed remorse over the death of other members of the group. Despite that compassion, he couldn’t find it in himself to put others before himself, something he was deeply ashamed of. In spite of being manipulative, he tries to do whatever good he can. And, as he continues to survive in the post-apocalyptic world, he begins to put into perspective the importance of his conscience, going so far as to expose his lie for the well-being of his new friends.

Daryl Dixon

The Walking Dead characters


Hunter for the Atlanta Camp

Prison Council Member

Recruiter for the Alexandria Safe-Zone

Member of the Militia

Leader of the Saviors

Biofuel Producer

Weapon- Stryker crossbow


Will Dixon (father)

Merle Dixon (brother)

Jess Collins (half-uncle)

Dog (pet dog)

First appearance- “Tell It to the Frogs” (2010)

Daryl Dixon was exclusively created by the makers of The Walking Dead show Frank Darabont, Charles H. Eglee and Jack LoGiudice specifically for Norman Reedus. He doesn’t have a comic counterpart created by Robert Kirkman. In the first season, he was introduced as a southerner, expert in hunting, tracking, navigation, and observation; living in the shadow of his older brother, Merle. He is extremely ill-tempered and volatile yet his presence was felt necessary by the core group of survivors due to his skills in hunting animals and fearless efficiency in killing walkers. This was especially important during the early days of the apocalypse when people with survival skills and the moxie to confront the undead were in short supply. He is a skilled combatant and his knife-wielding and crossbow skills come in handy. This also earns him the credit of being the longest survivor on the show.

He is currently the last surviving member of his family. He is like a brother figure to Rick Grimes and he values him as his right-hand man and close friend. At first, we see him as a brazen, surly, impulsive redneck but later on, he develops himself as an integral part of the group due to his survival skills. In three words he could be described as quiet, intense and deadly. In spite of him maintaining his distance from everyone in the group he never fails in giving his best when it comes to saving everyone from an attack from the Walkers. After a lot of time with him playing the hero and helping others survive in the post-apocalyptic world, he begins to soften towards the other survivors. However, at the end of the day, it’s only his crossbow that he trusts the most.

Merle’s bullying had made Daryl the cut-off-from-everyone kind of person he is. However, with the former not being around anymore he opens up and reveals what heart of gold he has hidden within him. He even develops a close bond with fellow survivor Carol Peletier. Watching her struggle with her grief and anger of losing her daughter causes him great concern. Later he forms a brief yet close bond with another fellow survivor Beth Greene before her demise after he splits up with Carol in season 4.

Daryl is extremely loyal to his group. The rules imposed by the Whisperers heighten his sense of responsibility towards them. He inherently understands that everyone had to do bad things in order to survive. He has commendable fighting skills and his insight of knowing when to evade, attack, observe, act, listen or command which has immensely helped the group survive. What we need to know now is how will Daryl use his wisdom to serve himself and those around him.

Rosita Espinosa

The Walking Dead - Rosita Espinosa - AMC

Portrayed By- Christian Serratos

Occupation- Medical Assistant at the Alexandria Safe-Zone

Significant others-

Spencer Monroe

Gabriel Stokes

Children- Socorro Espinosa (daughter)

First appearance – Inmates – season 4 episode 10

Rosita Espinosa is the one to accompany Eugene Porter and Abraham Ford on a mission to Washington, to revert the post-apocalyptic world. Eugene was convinced that D.C. had a greater chance of survival in the zombie-infested world. She eventually finds the Alexandria Safe-Zone. She continues her relationship with Abraham but eventually breaks up with him when she falls for Eugene. She, later on, moves in with him.

She also enters into a relationship with Spencer Monroe. She forms a romantic relationship with Siddiq and conceives his child. Six years later, after Rick’s assumed death she ends up dating Gabriel Stokes with whom she takes care of the child. 

After the outbreak, she joined a group of survivors consisting of Josiah, Stephanie, Warren, Rex, Pam, Roger, Dirk, and Josephine. Here she learnt the essential skills required to survive in the post-apocalyptic world. Her ability to serve as a medic was also acquired here.

When they were travelling through Houston, Rosita’s group were fighting a bunch of zombies. They were saved by Abraham and Eugene. Impressed with her zombie-fighting skills Abraham wanted to add her to his group. Therefore, he told her of the potential cure and asked for her help. This infused Rosita with a new sense of purpose. As a result, she agreed to help guide Eugene to Washington D.C. During their travels, Rosita’s group suffered several casualties and in the end, she was the only surviving member left alive with Eugene and Abraham. It was during this time that she started developing a loving relationship with Abraham and helped him overcome his trauma of the death of several of his family members.

Rosita also took part in the war against the Saviors that was led by Negan. As a result, the three main communities unite forces.

For this characters personal life, Rosita gave birth to a baby daughter who was named Socorro (aka Coco), which translates in English to “help”. She has to take the help of the entire village to raise this one child. From being a vigilant soldier to adjusting to being a mom, she tries to find a balance between the two as it isn’t a very easy task.

We don’t know much about Rosita’s life prior to the Zombie outbreak except that she was of Hispanic origin. She once said that the place that she came from was a family of just men. This could be the reason for her innate strength and capability that helped her fight off the Walkers. Rosita also has a past military experience which could point to the fact that for a time being she may have served as a soldier.

Rosita ultimately gets herself killed by the leader of the Whisperers called Alpha along with 11 other key members of all 3 communities.


The Walking Dead characters- Michonne

Actor– Danai Gurira


Constable for the Alexandria Safe-Zone

Member of the Militia

Head of Security and Leader of the Alexandria Safe-Zone

Alexandria Council Member

Weapon– Katana

Family– Flame (pet)

Significant others


Rick Grimes


André Anthony (son)

Carl Grimes (adopted son)

Judith Grimes (adopted daughter)

Rick Grimes Jr. (son)

Michonne is introduced as a mysterious character under a hood and pulling two reanimated corpses for protection and camouflage in The Walking Dead universe. The corpses are of her zombified boyfriend and his best friend. Michonne is one of the most resourceful, logical, levelheaded, and influential members of the group. She was first seen on screen when she saved Andrea from a fire at the group’s former safe haven. She is seen wielding a Katana and plays an important role in the conflict between the town of Woodbury led by The Governor, and the Prison group.

Michonne is a tracker hunter and kickass zombie assassin. In spite of that, she likes to maintain distance with the members of her group. She has a very gruesome past that she feels the need to hide. She was shown to have an interest in art as she was seen grabbing a sculpture or some other beautiful piece of art on her supply runs. 

Before the apocalypse, Michonne had a boyfriend called Mike and a son named André. She found both of them dead when she came back one day from a supply run. She talks to her boyfriend in sleep and says that she misses him. Moreover, she feels terribly guilty for failing to protect her son from the Walkers. As a result, she starts hunting the undead and helps in keeping Rick’s group safe making the south a habitable place for them all to live.

After the death of everyone she has ever loved she has no reason to live. She is focused on survival and making the entire state of Georgia free of zombies. However, upon joining Rick’s group she is seen to have regained some of her compassion.

Michonne has gone through a lot of psychological and emotional changes throughout the show. Her evolution from a guarded lonely traveller to Rick Grimes’ partner in survival is truly commendable. She continues to be the strong strategic thinker that she was before the apocalypse. Her story arc from being staunchly independent to having faith in humanity and being grounded for the greater good of her family and community is fairly satisfying.

Before the city was infested with zombies, Michonne was a mother to her toddler son Andre and shared a comfortable lifestyle with her boyfriend. Her faith in humanity was destroyed when one day she went out to get some supplies and when she came back she found her house raided by the Walkers. Since they were too high to defend themselves or André, her son was killed by the invading walkers. She was so angry on them she let the two turn into Walkers and carried them around in shackles. She literally and emotionally carried the weights of their death on her back. She made them her mules to carry supplies and used them to camouflage herself among other walkers.

Gabriel Stokes

ACTOR: Seth Gilliam


Priest (Pre- and Post-Apocalypse)

Former Lookout and Guard for the Alexandria Safe-Zone (Post-Apocalypse)

Former Member of the Militia (Post-Apocalypse)

Former Worker for the Saviors (Post-Apocalypse)

Head of the Alexandria Council (Post-Apocalypse)

Co-Leader of the Coalition (Post-Apocalypse)

De-Facto Leader of the Alexandria Safe-Zone (Post-Apocalypse)


Anne – Ex-Lover

Rosita Espinosa – Girlfriend

Socorro Espinosa – Adopted Daughter


Gabriel Stokes is a priest who has taken refuge in a church since the apocalypse began. He was found by Rick’s group of survivors after fleeing from Terminus. His own fear kept him from allowing his congregation to take shelter in the church and evade the approaching Walkers. As a result, he is haunted by having to listen to his followers’ slaughter. He has no martial skills to protect himself even after two years of the zombie invasion.

Gabriel offers a place in the church and some food as a token of gratitude for saving his life to Rick’s group. However when they come to know of his backstory full of cowardice and selfish intentions they alienate him. He is further traumatized by the depths of Gareth’s evil and Rick’s brutal slaughter of the villains after the Terminus attack. Hence his relationship doesn’t get a very good start with Rick’s group.

After his church is overrun, he joins the group on the open road and presides over the funerals of the group’s fallen members. Because of his strained relationship with the group, other members don’t accept him as family. Gabriel realises this by the time they get to the sanctuary of Alexandria and tries to convince the community leader Deanna to evict Rick from the community by telling her of the “unspeakable” acts Rick’s group have done.

Later, he tries to take his own life via Walker and via Sasha as he is remorseful of the sins that he has committed. However, Maggi is there to help him and work past the demons of his past. He ultimately regains his faith in god.

When the group learns of his betrayal they almost outrightly refuse to make peace with him. Gabriel endeavoured to atone for his sins by learning how to fight. He tries to make himself better for the group and become a valuable ally to Rick and Alexandria. He proves this in during the Battle of Alexandria when he not only is a loyal team player but rallies some of his congregation into battle. Gabriel soon gains everyone’s trust as they enter conflict with the Saviors.

After the Savior war and Rick’s assumed death, he becomes the political leader of Alexandria and the head of its governing council. However, Michonne’s hardline isolationism makes him feel unworthy. Also, he later she steps back and allows him to fully step forward as the leader of Alexandria. He then enters into a relationship with Rosita and helps her raise her child.

Gabriel too, like several others, is severely traumatized because of his past. He has difficulty adapting to the horrible nature of the post-apocalyptic world.


The Walking Dead - Ezekiel - AMC

ACTOR- Khary Payton


Amateur Theater Actor (Pre-Apocalypse)

Zookeeper (Pre-Apocalypse)

Former Leader of the Kingdom (Post-Apocalypse)

Former Co-Leader of the Militia (Post-Apocalypse)

Co-Leader of the Coalition (Post-Apocalypse)

Former Councilmember for the Hilltop Colony (Post-Apocalypse)[1]


Carol Peletier – Ex-Wife

Henry – Adopted Son (Deceased)

Shiva – Former Pet (Deceased)


Ezekiel popularly known as king Ezekiel is one of the main characters of The Walking Dead universe. He is the leader of a community called “Kingdom” where he is the self-proclaimed “king”. He also has a Royal Bengal pet Tiger called “Shiva”. Before it’s disbanding he was one of the four co-leaders of the Militia along with Rick Grimes, Maggie Rhee, and Cyndie.

He has a friendly and charismatic character and warmly welcomes Rick and his companions to work with him. He despises Negan just as much as Rick and wants to help the Alexandria boss take down the Saviors.

Six years after Rick is supposed to be dead, he has adopted Henry and married Carol Peletier. He goes on to become one of the five co-leaders of the Coalition alongside Gabriel Stokes, Tara Chambler, Carol Peletier, and Cyndie. After the death of his adopted son, Carol breaks up with him and moves to Alexandria, leaving him at Hilltop. After his relocation, he becomes a member of the Hilltop Council. He subsequently develops thyroid cancer and thinks that his days are numbered.

Ezekiel is a wise and theatrical man who cares for the members of his community. He can do anything for his people. Nonetheless, he enjoys being in the spotlight. His Shakespearean dialogues are a bit bizarre and goofy. However, he is a new refreshment added to The Walking Dead Universe who has created one of the best community and safe haven which is relatively prosperous and welcoming on the show.

Although when he was first introduced in “The Well” Carol was suspicious of him. However, when he drops his royal act, he wins her over and we get to know that he is a gem of a person. Moreover, with a major antagonist introduced in the show, the creators had to balance it with someone like King Ezekiel.

After Benjamin and Richard die, Ezekiel decides to join the fight with Rick Grimes against Negan and the Saviors. The Kingdom had been terrorised by the Saviors for a long time. Other such communities including The Hilltop and the Alexandria Safe-Zone suffer the same subjugation. Hence Ezekiel, Maggie at The Hilltop, and Rick at Alexandria teamed up in an all-out war against the Saviors.

In his early days before the apocalypse, Ezekiel was a zookeeper. He found a wounded tiger one day and saved him. Since then Shiva has been loyal to him. He is not a threat to the members of his community or the guests. However, the tiger can be deadly to Ezekiel’s enemies and has saved him from a number of Walkers. Ezekiel started ruling the place with the consent of the people who believed in his charismatic leadership skills and the ability to keep them safe.


Blogs - The Walking Dead - Sneak Peek of The Walking Dead Episode 12: Aaron  Is Ready for Revenge Right Now - AMC

ACTOR: Ross Marquand


Former Politician (Pre-Apocalypse)

NGO Worker (Pre-Apocalypse)

Former Recruiter for the Alexandria Safe-Zone (Post-Apocalypse)

Former Member of the Militia (Post-Apocalypse)

Councilmember for the Alexandria Safe-Zone (Post-Apocalypse)

Lieutenant of the Coalition (Post-Apocalypse)


(Unnamed) – Mother (Deceased)

(Unnamed) – Brother (Deceased)

Eric Raleigh – Former Boyfriend (Deceased)

Paul Rovia – Former Lover (Deceased)[1]

Gracie – Adopted Daughter


When things got grim and quite boring by The Walking Dead season 5, episode 10 with all zombie fighting and the losses of numerous characters in the show, the creators introduced Aaron, Maggie and Sasha to the audience. He worked as a recruiter of the Alexandria Safe-Zone. He is a good-natured man with a charitable and adventurous personality. Aaron’s good judgement of character makes him a perfect person to recruit new members to the community. He gives his best when it comes to the people he wants to protect. He could even get to dangerous lengths if he thinks that something positive might come out of it. The positive energy about other people that he emanates on the show is all that we need. 

Aaron has a boyfriend named Eric Raleigh. They met before the apocalypse and fell in love. He was the one who brought Rick’s group to Alexandria. Aaron went on to become one of Rick’s most trusted allies because of the strong bond between them.

Throughout the show, Aaron did not receive the best treatment from other people. He was ostracised numerous times for being openly gay by many homophobic survivors. Despite this, he always sees the good in people and always wants to help those in need. Thus, he joined an NGO and gave supplies to those residing in the Niger River Delta. He is shown to have a good sense of humour with much optimism. He not only supports Daryl’s status as an outsider and comforts Maggie when Glenn disappears but also has a variety of shades. Some of them are a passion for photography ( collecting memorabilia from the places he had visited).

Aaron is deeply in love with his boyfriend Eric and cares for him. The creators of the show grant him with a brand new weapon in The Walking Dead season 10. It is probably the best weapon of the franchise yet. He makes up for his missing limb, in season 10 episode 3, “Ghosts”, by affixing what is called a morning star to his metal stump in place of his lost limb. This spiky metal ball attachment could do some serious Walker bashing throughout the series.


Blogs - The Walking Dead - Negan Has Some Surprises in Store in the Latest  Episode of The Walking Dead - AMC

ACTOR: Jeffrey Dean Morgan


Gym Teacher (Pre-Apocalypse)

Former Leader of the Saviors (Post-Apocalypse)

Former Worker for the Alexandria Safe-Zone (Post-Apocalypse)

Soldier for the Coalition (Post-Apocalypse)


(Unnamed) – Mother (Deceased)

Lucille – Former Wife (Deceased)

Sherry – Ex-“Wife”

Amber – Ex-“Wife”

Tanya – Ex-“Wife”

Frankie – Ex-“Wife” (Deceased)

“Alpha” – Former Lover (Deceased)

Two Unnamed Ex-“Wives”

Stray Dogs – Pets (Deceased)

FIRST APPEARANCE: “Last Day on Earth”

Negan is a former antagonist of AMC’s The Walking Dead. He was a former leader of the group that called themselves “Savior”. With the help of his resources and his authority, he subjugated other communities like Alexandria, Hilltop and Kingdom in exchange for protection against Walkers. After the war was waged against him by the militia he was defeated and lost all his power. He then started co-operating with the members of the other communities after he was held captive and given a life sentence in Alexandria Safe-zone.

He was imprisoned for seven and a half years, breaking free one day when Gabriel left his prison cell door open by mistake. However, he returned to Alexandria when he saw how the world had changed during his confinement. When he saved Judith Grimes during a massive blizzard, he developed a close bond with her and was allowed to take on a role in the community under supervision.

After Negan accidentally killed Margo while protecting Lydia, he was given a death sentence. However, Carol Peletier freed him and sent him to infiltrate the Whisperers and kill their leader, Alpha. He was a primary antagonist of the second half of Season 6 and the whole of Season 7 and Season 8. From season 9, he served as a recurring antagonist, bordering on the anti-hero.

Negan has all the characteristics of an antagonist: a charismatic, cocky, manipulative, brutal, and ferocious man with a sarcastic, inappropriate sense of humour. He is an excellent strategist and a strong, effective leader, having kept hundreds of people alive. Many worship him and a lot more fear him. He served as an ultimate dictator when was in power and was the leader of the Saviors. He also represented a cult as the Saviors all knelt in his presence Negan believes that he alone can save the people around him and was willing to do whatever it takes to ensure their survival.

He was very ruthless and exercises full control of his power by extorting from multiple communities, threatening them with death if they do not obey his demands or gather supplies. He is portrayed as a cold-blooded murderer who can kill people on a whim.

After several years of living in sanctuary, Negan is finding it hard to adapt to a new form of life where he is not in lead. Moreover, the threat of The Whisperers is making him paranoid and suspicious. There could either be a path of redemption for him where he stays low or the complete opposite.

Negan could be one of the most unique characters of the show. A school teacher turned villain who is looking for redemption.

Negan is an entirely different animal. A schoolteacher turned warlord turned prisoner turned now…something akin to a hero, with his recent covert ops spy mission to assassinate Alpha to turn the tide of the Whisperer war.


Actor: Cooper Andrews




Maintenance Worker for the Kingdom

Member of the Militia

Hilltop Council Member

Spouse: Nabila


Ezra (son)

Aliyah (daughter)

Mariam (daughter)

First appearance: “The Well” (2016)

Jerry is a former resident of the Kingdom where King Ezekiel rules. He serves as a steward, bodyguard and advisor to Ezekiel. After the war waged by the Militia against Negan and the Saviors, he marries Nabila. Six years after Rick Grimes’ assumed death the duo has conceived three children. Jerry and his family move to the Hilltop colony after the fall of the Kingdom.

The character of Jerry, played by Cooper Andrews, brings the kind of humour to the show which its audience have been unfamiliar with until now. Jerry brings much needed comic relief to The Walking Dead which can sometimes be horrifyingly gruesome.

Jerry has been in the Kingdom for a long time. Therefore Ezekiel appoints him as one of his most trusted knights. Later on, he is promoted to the role of being his personal steward and bodyguard making sure to never leave his sight. We are provided with no information about Jerry’s life prior to the outbreak.

Although King Ezekiel was the one who suffered the loss of his “Kingdom” this reflects on Jerry too since he was his most important man. Although he tries his best to comfort Ezekiel and hold on to him as he is disappearing within himself.  However, with everything lost, he tries to remain positive and hopes to create a new home at Hilltop for his family and the others displaced from the Kingdom. But there’s no doubt that he wants the leader of Kingdom to return.

The merciless deaths of Glenn and Abraham, things had been really dark and grim on the show. The fans were left feeling forlorn because of the loss of such main characters. The makers of The Walking Dead anticipated this and decided to introduce a few new characters in a new territory called The Kingdom. While the comic adaptation of King Ezekiel and Shiva was fun to watch, the most unexpected new character was Ezekiel’s pun-filled steward Jerry.

Jerry became a fan favourite soon after his introduction on screen.  Moreover, he even seemed to take over the loss of the fallen hero Abraham by throwing up his signature peace sign in one episode.

He almost seems like an antidote to whatever sad and dull is about to happen or keeps happening in the show. Ezekiel’s new right-hand man funny, offbeat, happy-go-lucky, and perhaps not the brightest bulb in the pack. Jerry was exactly what was needed at such a moment. A lot of The Walking Dead fans took to Twitter to express their love for this new character: “Jerry brought sunshine to the walking dead after such a devastating episode last Sunday”. Another fan said, “Pretty sure that this Jerry guy is already my favourite character in the 7 seasons of the walking dead.”


The Walking Dead - Magna - AMC

ACTOR: Nadia Hilker


Truck Stop Waitress (Pre-Apocalypse)

Former Leader of her own group (Post-Apocalypse)

Former Lookout and Guard for Coalport (Post-Apocalypse)

Soldier for the Coalition (Post-Apocalypse)

Former Guard for the Hilltop Colony (Post-Apocalypse)


Yumiko – Ex-Girlfriend

(Unnamed) – Cousin

FIRST APPEARANCE: “What Comes After”

Magna is one of the survivors of The Walking Dead universe and Yumiko’s girlfriend. She leads a group of wandering survivors. She could be unpredictable and dangerous, but she also has a caring side and is loyal to those who befriend her. All of them including her were saved by Judith Grimes from a horde of Walkers in the wood. Magna and her company were then brought to Alexandria Safe-Zone before eventually moving to reside in the Hilltop Colony.

Life for Magna was very difficult even prior to the apocalypse, although we aren’t shown too much of it. She grew up in an environment because of which she found herself distrustful of others, unforgiving and tough. She worked as a truck stop waitress. She once murdered the rapist of her sister as an act of revenge. She was convicted for the crime and as a result, she met her lawyer Yumiko. The two fell in love and started a romantic relationship prior to the apocalypse. However, they lost the case and Magna went to prison where she got her signature tattoo.

Sometime after the outbreak of the zombie apocalypse Magna and her girlfriend, Yumiko met siblings Connie and Kelly, Luke, Bernie among other survivors. They survived for several years as a family as they came closer. However, with time passing many members of the group passed away too. Magna led her groups to reside in several settlements like Jones Springs and Coalport, both which eventually fell causing the group’s distrust in rejoining any other similar.

One day Magna and her friends encounter a nine years old girl in the wood who asks for their names. They introduce each other and come to know her as Judith Grimes. She leads them to Rosita, Eugene, Laura and Aaron. She makes the others accept them into Alexandria and assures them that they will be safe there.

When Magna and members of her group reach Alexandria, feisty Michonne (Danai Gurira) was not best pleased to see newcomers. All of them were questioned by the council. Michonne was not very trustful of them. Therefore she escorted them to Hilltop. At the Hilltop colony, they helped kill some of the Whisperers and also helped to track them down. Magna also ends up meeting Alpha who has come to claim her daughter Lydia.

Because of living on the roads for a long time, Magna has a tough outer appearance on the show and is not easily impressed. She is a formidable leader and even tells others that she could be an unpredictable animal, dangerous but also caring. However, she is respected and adored by everyone in the group. It is her personality that has never allowed anyone to be too close to her. She loves her group and would do anything to protect them. She is almost like a fatherly figure to her group.


The Walking Dead - Siddiq - AMC

Actor: Avi Nash


Resident Doctor (Pre-Apocalypse)

Former Medic for the Militia (Post-Apocalypse)

Doctor and Councilmember for the Alexandria Safe-Zone (Post-Apocalypse)


(Unnamed) – Mother (Deceased)

(Unnamed) – Father (Deceased)

(Unnamed) – Aunt

Rosita Espinosa – Ex-Lover

Socorro Espinosa – Daughter




“What We Become” (Hallucination)

Siddiq is a resident of the Alexandria Safe-Zone where he is a part of the militia which combats the Saviors. He was brought to the community by Carl Grimes. He looks after the medical needs of the community is tending his new-born currently. However, the haunting memories of his past keep pushing him down the rabbit hole of anxiety and depression. He is very good friends with Dante. However, he is the one to ultimately kill him.

Siddiq is a kind and selfless man who grew up in an Islamic household. He values his mother’s teachings and has learnt to quote the Quoran just like her. He wants to kill every Walker that he finds. This is because he believes that the souls of the deceased are trapped in these undead corpses.

Post-apocalypse Siddiq was enrolled in medical school and was employed as a second-year emergency resident. Throughout his career, he only performed three surgeries. At some point in the apocalypse, he lost his parents who got bitten by the Walkers. He then started spending time on his own killing Walkers and freeing their soul from their undead corpses.

Siddiq is on fairly good terms with Carl Grimes. He is grateful to him for his help when he was in a wasted condition. Not just him, he feels indebted to his entire group and he is determined to help Rick and the others in any way he can. He felt devastated when he found out that Carl was bitten by a Walker and moreover guilty because it happened as he was trying to save Siddiq. He does everything to keep his promise of honouring him after he was gone.

After the end of the war, Siddiq becomes the community doctor. He is an advisor to Rick and Michonne. He enters a romantic relationship with Rosita Espinosa and they conceive a daughter. The war and the massacre that came with it makes him suffer from severe PTSD.

It is not clear in the show whether Dante does or does not have feelings for him. They are seen jokingly flirting with each other a few times. Siddiq is also helped to overcome his PTSD of being held captive in the barn by the Whisperers by Dante and surviving the wrath of Alpha. He helps him by recounting his own stories of his time in Iraq.

However, when Siddiq finally realizes that Dante was in the barn and was the Whisperer who made him watch his friends get beheaded in front of his eyes, he tries to kill him with a hatchet. But Dante is fast enough to quickly overpower him and he chokes him to death. Dante says to dying Siddiq that he didn’t want it to be him.

While Dante and Rosita are involved in a fight, Siddiq reanimates as a zombie and tries to attack his daughter, Coco. However, Rosita manages to overpower Dante and stabs Siddiq in the head.


ACTOR: Eleanor Matsuura


Criminal Defense Lawyer (Pre-Apocalyspse)

Former Lookout and Guard for Coalport (Post-Apocalypse)

Former Councilmember for the Hilltop Colony (Post-Apocalypse)

Soldier for the Coalition (Post-Apocalypse)

FAMILY: Magna – Ex-Girlfriend

FIRST APPEARANCE: “What Comes After”

Yumiko was a member of Magna’s small group of wandering survivors. Apart from that, she was also her former girlfriend. Her group was saved in the woods from a herd of zombies by Judith Grimes. She and her companions were then taken to Alexandria Safe-Zone, before eventually moving to reside in the Hilltop Colony.

Yumiko takes hold of the leadership of her group after the massacre and due to the lack of a potent leader. She is a weary, yet capable, fearless warrior, skilled with a bow. In spite of being a fighter and a protector, she is known to keep her head calm. Apart from that, she is fiercely loyal to her ex-girlfriend Magna and the rest of her group whom she considers family who is like her family. She would do anything for these people even if it were something dangerous. She is like a motherly figure to them all.

After their arrival at the hilltop, Magna and Yumiko are no more on good terms with each other. They are often seen having clashes in opinions and unlike Yumiko, Magna refuses to trust the residents of Hilltop. Yumiko, who has placed her trust in her new comrades isn’t very happy seeing Magna stealing some supplies after several members of the community were injured when a tree was knocked down by the Whisperers.

Yumiko was a law student and went on to become a criminal defence lawyer. One day she meets Magna who is accused of killing a man who raped her sister. Yumiko still loves her and thinks that Magna is innocent, despite the fact that she indeed murdered a man for revenge.

After the apocalypse, the couple, Yumiko and Magna meet siblings Connie and Kelly, Luke, Bernie, among other survivors. Their group thrived as a family together. However, with passing time, several members of this group died. They had joined several settlements like Jones Springs and Coalport, which eventually fell. This resulted in distrust, due to which they avoided joining any more communities from then onwards.

In order to keep their group safe from the Whisperers, Yumiko respects and upholds the wartime rules the communities have in place. She even expands her inner circle with time in order to protect the communities. She finally has a home and will fight to protect it. For her to keep her family safe, she will have to make complicated decisions that she can’t even imagine.

Yumiko plays a far more important role on the TV show than her comic counterpart of ‘The Walking Dead’. This was proved when she took charge of the Hilltop tree collapse after other, more recognized, leaders such as Ezekiel failed to deal with the emergency. Her organized and caring approach for her people could be compared to an ex-member of The Walking Dead universe Maggi.


ACTOR: Lauren Ridloff


Journalist (Pre-Apocalypse)

Soldier for the Coalition (Post-Apocalypse)

FAMILY: Kelly – Sister

FIRST APPEARANCE: “What Comes After”

Connie is the first deaf character of the entire “The Walking Dead” Universe. She uses the American Sign Language (ASL) to communicate with her fellow survivors. She is a part of a small group of survivors led by Magna. These roaming survivors were rescued by Judith Grimes. Connie and her companions were brought to the Alexandria Safe-Zone, before eventually moving to reside in the Hilltop Colony. Being a member of her group, Magna cares for her and looks out for her because of her hearing disability.

They meet fellow survivors Luke, Bernie, Magna, and Yumiko, among other survivors. They thrived as a group for several years and even saw each other as a part of their family. However, slowly with time, many members of the group died.

Connie has lived in several different communities with Magna’s group such as Jones Springs and Coalport. Although both of these settlements failed to result in the group’s mistrust and they avoided joining any other settlements.

We aren’t provided with much information about Connie’s life before the apocalypse. We know that she has a sister named Kelly. The two share a loving familial relationship.

Connie is an extremely skilled survivor of ‘The Walking Dead’ universe. She uses her senses to read people, situations, and trouble. Despite being a deaf member of the group, she proved her mettle by saving an abandoned baby from The Walkers by running into a zombie-infested cornfield. Moreover, we experience this scene from Connie’s point of view. More thrill is added to this scene as we see the Zombies sneak up on her because she was unable to hear them. Connie’s character opened up new possibilities in the universe to explore with special characters like her.

Connie is seen in awe with Judith’s ability to save her entire group from the attack of the walkers despite her age. She is also thankful to her as she was the one who saved her and brought her to live in a community in Alexandria.

Connie is on good terms with Daryl and views him as her own ‘family’. They worked together while following The Whisperers and leading a herd of Walkers to their camp. They also worked to protect Henry and Lydia in the episode after that. Before Daryl leaves the kingdom in “The Calm Before”, they wish each other luck and Daryl leaves Dog in her care.

Magna and Connie were separated from the rest of the group and trapped in a dynamite explosion. They were thought to likely be dead, crushed under the weight of the rocks. However, when Magna made it back to the settlement in a daze, hopes of Connie being alive were revived. Magna told Yumiko how they survived the blast and how the duo camouflaged themselves within the walker horde as they exited the cave and made their way to the Hilltop. She then recounted that Connie somehow got separated and she was nowhere to be found. As of now, we don’t know if she is still alive or not.


The Walking Dead - Judith - AMC


Student at the Alexandria Safe-Zone (Post-Apocalypse)

Soldier for the Coalition (Post-Apocalypse)


Lori Grimes – Mother (Deceased)

Shane Walsh – Father[1](Deceased)

Michonne Hawthorne – Adoptive Mother

Rick Grimes – Adoptive Father

Daryl Dixon – Adoptive Uncle

Carl Grimes – Half-Brother (Deceased)

R.J. Grimes – Adoptive Brother


The daughter to Lori Grimes and Shane Walsh and the half-sister to the late Carl Grimes, Judith Grimes is yet another survivor of the zombie outbreak in AMC’s The Walking Dead. She is the first kid to be born during the apocalypse. Despite the fact that Rick Grimes isn’t her biological father, he adopted her and cared for her and protected her like his own until his disappearance. Six years after his assumed death, she is now the adopted daughter of Michonne Hawthorne and resides with her at the Alexandria Safe-Zone with her adoptive brother, R.J. Grimes. she is also seen to bond with Negan.

Before we even get a glimpse of Judith Grimes on the show, we see what she is capable of. Armed with her mother’s sword and her father’s gun, she beats zombies in no time. She has an instinctive sense of right and wrong and the hero with a moral compass that The Walking Dead needed. She also has a literal compass hanging with a chain around her neck, which Negan took as a talisman of little girl wisdom when he fled prison. 

Judith is kind, intelligent and caring and living in the post-apocalyptic world has made her mature beyond her years. She is willing to protect anyone and everyone that she can. This is seen when she brings Magna’s group to the Alexandria safe zone after protecting them from a bunch of Walkers. This is because she is very skilled with weapons from a very young age. She has most likely been taught to fight off Walkers by Michonne Hawthorne as she too, like her, is seen carrying a Katana.

Negan says that Judith is much more of a badass as her brother and is able to tell when someone is lying to her which is why he never tries to do it with her. Because of Michonne’s attempts at keeping her safe, she develops a bond with Negan who shares stories with her and helps Judith with her homework. Judith tells Michonne that while she knows that Negan is not her friend, she is sympathetic with his loneliness and Negan reciprocates this kind behaviour. Judith has the same fiery spirit as Michonne and hates taking things lying down just as much as Michonne does. She is every bit Michonne’s daughter from her fighting skills to communication skills. She has adopted Negan’s sarcastic sense of humour. She is a keeper for her brother and acts with Carl’s wisdom and RJ by her side. She shares her version of stories of Rick to keep his memory alive. She takes up the weight of the past present as well the future on her back and we don’t know yet if she will have to grow up too soon, or will she enjoy her childhood for a little more time.


ACTOR: Callan McAuliffe


Former Worker for the Saviors (Post-Apocalypse)

Former Member of the Militia (Post-Apocalypse)

Former Construction Foreman and Councilmember for the Hilltop Colony (Post-Apocalypse)[1]

Former Blacksmith (Post-Apocalypse)

Soldier for the Coalition (Post-Apocalypse)


(Unnamed) – Brother (Deceased)

Enid – Former Girlfriend (Deceased)


Alden who is also called Al is one of the main characters of AMC’s The Walking Dead. He earlier worked with the Saviors but later after the attack on Hilltop Colony, he joined the Militia. On realizing that Alpha didn’t care about her captive members of the group, he chose to remain at the Hilltop to help build up the community.

During the apocalypse, Alden joins the Saviors as a worker. He was sent by them to check out an abandoned dive bar located between the Sanctuary and the Hilltop to determine what it would take to turn it into a Savior outpost.

Later on, the Satellite Outpost was ambushed by Rick and the Alexandrians. At that time Alden and other Whisperers were sent to the outpost to erect a fence surrounding the satellite station, to keep out walkers and any future invaders.

After Rick Grimes’ supposed death he starts dating Enid and enters into the profession of a blacksmith and the construction foreman of the Hilltop Colony. After the massacre, he becomes a member of the Hilltop Council because of lack of leadership at one point. We also come to know that his brother was murdered. Though he avenged his death, it didn’t make him feel better like he expected.

Alden is a level-headed man who avoids violence and bloodbath as much as he could. This is visible when he immediately surrenders to the Militia and talks the fellow team members into doing the same. He didn’t want more bloodshed in the already gruesome massacre. He deliberately bumps Jared and implores him to not cause any more trouble after already risking their lives twice with escape attempts from the makeshift prison at Hilltop.

He even took the role of the representative of the Saviors held prisoners and negotiates with Maggo on their behalf. In return, he received his deserved respect that many others didn’t receive. As he spends more and more time in prison with no help from Simon he becomes more disillusioned with the Saviors. As a result, he cuts all ties with them and states that the Saviors aren’t his people anymore when sent to bury the dead Saviors. He even chooses to stay at Hilltop Colony out of his own free will. When given a chance to return to the Saviors after knowing that the Saviors’ lack of care towards the prisoners means that he no longer has any strategic value to the Militia; he refused to take it.

Alden is shaken by the death of Enid and is on a mission to avenge her. He does this by fortifying the communities with an impenetrable defence. He knows that defence is only one aspect of an attack, and hence Alden is reactive and proactive in his thinking.

Having joined the communities after the war, Alden is a shining example of the future that Rick and Carl dreamed of. Maggi was the one who started it by accepting him into the Hilltop community.


Blogs - The Walking Dead - Who Are Alpha and the Whisperers in The Walking  Dead? - AMC

ACTOR: Samantha Morton


Former Leader of the Whisperers (Post-Apocalypse)


Frank – Former Husband (Deceased)

Lydia – Daughter

Negan – Former Lover


LAST APPEARANCE: “Look at the Flowers” (Zombified/Hallucination)

DEATH EPISODE: “Walk With Us” (Alive)

“Look at the Flowers” (Zombified)

Alpha, who hasn’t revealed her real name, served as the main antagonist of The Walking Dead show for the second half of Season 9 and the whole of Season 10. She was the leader of the group of barbaric survivors who called themselves ‘The Saviors’. She is skilled at knife-wielding. She was able to completely take down Daryl Dixon in spite of the fact that she was severely wounded during the whole process.

Alpha has completely transformed herself into the hardened and primitive survivor that she is today. She had adapted herself to the post-apocalyptic world so completely that she doesn’t even use her real name anymore. She rarely talks about her past showing that she has completely shed her previous identity.

According to her, there’s no hope for mankind. Nothing will ever return to its original state and the original survivor communities are destined to fail. She holds the belief that changing into animalistic ways is the only means left to survive in the zombie-infested world. She is a great manipulator and psychological torturer who has successfully been able to manipulate and brainwash nearly a hundred survivors into becoming savage, psychopathic murderers almost being completely loyal to her and the primitive lifestyle of the group while completely abandoning their previous lives and identities much like her.

Alpha enjoys her position of leadership and anyone who opposes her does not bode well. She is so cruel that she brutally murders her own husband in front of her young daughter after he refused to abandon their fellow survivors during a walker attack. She does not care for her fellow Whisperers and seems to pay no attention to their abductions or murders. However, she seems to care for her daughter because when she was held captive at Hilltop she actively kidnaps Alden and Luke to exchange them for her. Despite those torchers and manipulations, this act proves that she still has a part of her that loves her.

We get to know about Alpha’s past in flashbacks. She killed off her husband Frank and their group of survivors during the initial stages of the outbreak, believing them to be “weak”. She ordered the Whisperers to murder and behead several key members from each community to warn the communities not to cross into their territory. Their heads were placed on spikes marking the new boundary. Alpha is eventually murdered and beheaded by Negan with whom she had built an intimate relationship. He then takes her head to Carol on whose orders he carried out the plan.


The Walking Dead - Lydia - AMC

ACTOR: Cassady McClincy

Scarlett Blum (“Omega”)

Havana Blum (“We Are the End of the World”)


Student (Pre- and Post-Apocalypse)

Soldier for the Coalition (Post-Apocalypse)


“Alpha” – Mother (Deceased)

Frank – Father (Deceased)

Henry – Former Boyfriend (Deceased)


Lydia is the daughter of the antagonist Alpha and a member of the Whisperers. She is taken hostage at the Hilltop Colony during the war against the Saviors, in order to be questioned about her group motives. There she meets Henry with whom she forms a loving relationship.

She also starts bonding with Daryl who provides her protection and parental guidance. However, she was traded back with Alden and Luke by her mother. She selflessly chooses to go back in order to protect them, after which she is shortly rescued. When Henry comes for her rescue, her mother commands her to kill him which she is unable to do. Later when Daryl and Connie come to the rescue, she runs off with them. Her mother then exiles her during the fair at the Kingdom and she relocates herself to the Alexandria Safe-Zone.

After the end of the war, Lydia tries to live the normal life that she imagined but her paranoia and bullying from other members of the Coalition get the better of her. Though she eventually runs away when she finds out that Carol used her for her own benefit when she uses her as a proof for Alpha’s lies. In her time away from the group, she rethinks about the past events and chooses to save Daryl over her own mother. She wanted to be with the communities despite their flaws.

Lydia has an outer appearance of a cunning girl but inwardly she is extremely traumatised. Initially, she was devoted to the Whisperer’s way of life, her time at Hilltop changed her perspective of viewing things. She realised her own mother was the one who subjected her to physical and psychological abuse while she made her believe that her father was abusive and her mother caring. Although she realises this during her captivity, she believes that this was done to her only out of love to harden her for the outside world. Spending time with Henry, she started resenting the life she had earlier and expressed the desire to stay permanently at Hilltop.

When asked about the reason for Lydia not killing Alpha when given with the chance to do so; showrunner Angela Kang says that it was Lydia’s moral compass which stopped her from plunging the knife into her mum’s chest.

“Lydia is at heart, this very good person who wants to be a good person and who wants to be part of this group that is more of a family than she’s ever had with her own mother.”

“It’s just the darkness of what Alpha’s asking her to do, she has to fight it, because she doesn’t want to be dragged down to the same level as her mother, where nothing matters other than just the survival of the fittest.”

Lydia tries hard to assimilate in the community she has always wanted to live in. She tries to be accepted by others and get rid of her animalistic tendencies which she inculcated during her life as a Whisperer.


ACTOR: Ryan Hurst


Country Musician (Pre-Apocalypse)

Former Second-in-Command of the Whisperers (Post-Apocalypse)

De-Facto Leader of the Whisperers (Post-Apocalypse)




Beta who was known as “Half Moon” on stage in the pre-apocalyptic world is a secondary antagonist of the second half of Season 9 and the whole of Season 10 and survivor of the show The Walking Dead. He was the right-hand man of Alpha the leader of the Whisperers and second in command. Although, after her death, he became the de-facto leader of the group.

Beta’s character is that of a brutal, sociopathic, cunning, aggressive, and highly analytical man. Prior to the apocalypse, he was a solitary, socially awkward, and mentally unstable individual, having apparently turned into a recluse and gone insane after his best friend died. He discards his previous identity to become devoted to the Whisperer lifestyle. He is so protective of his old self that when a fellow Whisperer recognises him from his past days, he murders him. This shows how he has completely adapted himself to the post-apocalyptic hell. This could be because he hates the person that he was earlier and wants to escape his past. While at times we also feel that he wants to preserve the image of the aspiring musician that he once was.

He is very loyal to Alpha and respects her decisions without a question. However, he is not the person who blindly follows orders and occasionally voices his opinions. But that never stopped him from doing as she ordered him to. Beta makes an extremely dangerous and lethal enemy because of his size and strength and is the only person to survive a fight with Daryl. Hence we can conclude that he is an extremely skilled fighter, capable of using excessive force in the best interest of his group.

After Alpha’s head gets severed he consults her on what he’s supposed to now that the Whisperers don’t have a leader. He starts to embrace his previous identity as he blasts his songs for all the surrounding walkers to hear. This comes as a surprise as he was previously reluctant to talk about his past. The horde of Walkers gathers around the saloon to listen to Half Moon’s music which could probably be his last. He suffers from an existential crisis with a grotesque audience to watch over him but by the end of the day, he gains some “clarity,” deciding that he will lead the horde that’s gathered for him to Alexandria.

The secondary leader of the Whisperers that we all know was not the same once. Beta is grieved like any normal man. He has his heart broken over the death of his beloved friend when Alpha and Lydia meet him. He was not yet homicidal, he was hanging around the mental facility by himself, guarding his friend’s walker body. The mask that Beta wears isn’t just any mask.  It is the mask of the friend that he loved and lost. He was then convinced by Alpha to wear the mask so he could take his friend everywhere, leave the facility and walk with her among the dead.

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