The Umbrella Academy Ratings and Critics Reviews

What is the Umbrella Academy all about?

The Umbrella Academy is an American superhero web television series, now available on Netflix. It is adapted from bestselling comic book series called (yes, you guessed it!) The Umbrella Academy written by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba. Here, we would discuss how The Umbrella Academy ratings and reviews had been so far.

The Umbrella Academy Season 3 release date, cast, plot and more

The show revolves around a dysfunctional family of adapted superhero siblings who reunite after the death of their ‘father’ to fight an impending apocalypse. It all begins when their father, eccentric businessman Sir Reginald Hargreeves, adopts 7 of the 43 children who were born all of a sudden to women who weren’t even pregnant when the day began! He figured that the children definitely had special abilities and were possible reincarnations of the messiah. Therefore, he goes on a quest to adopt as many of these prodigies as possible. But the way he raises them is probably not how you would want to raise your kids!

The above description may remind you of other superhero movies like Avengers or DC or X-Men. However, stay rest assured, this series is nothing like them. The characters in the series are far from the perfect, flawless superheroes that we are all used to seeing on screen. The show has superheroes who are battling with drug addiction or are half apes, half-men, or even celebrity mind controllers.

The Umbrella Academy Ratings

The Umbrella Academy now has 2 seasons available to watch on Netflix. Overall, the quirkiness, style, and uniqueness of the show allowed it to have a good audience reception. With an 8/10 score on IMDB, it is fair to say that the show fared pretty well.

Rotten Tomatoes gave The Umbrella Academy an 82% rating while Common Sense Media scored it a 4/5.

However, there was quite a difference in The Umbrella Academy rating between the first and second season of the show. Evidently, season 2 was better received by the audience and critics when compared to season 1 of the show. Season 1 bagged a 75% score on Tomatometer (on Rotten Tomatoes) where 88 critics provided their rating and an 85% score via user ratings among 3850 users who rated The Umbrella Academy.

Season 2 happened to take a lighter approach to its dark themes and increased the screen time of characters growing individually and having fun collectively.

The Umbrella Academy Reviews and ratings

This change seems to have brought a much better response to the show and the season. A 90% score was bagged on Tomatometer with the help of 83 critics ratings for The Umbrella Academy, it also bagged an 89% score via User Ratings.

Another surprise regarding the performance of season 2 is that this season of The Umbrella Academy tops the list of the Nielson ranking as well! The season pushes past shows like “The Office”, “Greys Anatomy” and “NCIS”, all long time rulers of the top of this list. The trusted TV measurement company recently placed The Umbrella Academy at the top of its 10 competitor list, with “Shameless” in second place and “Grey’s Anatomy” on the third.

Why weren’t the ratings higher than this?

Firstly, exploring a plot involving time travel is some real risky business. By doing this the show actively calls for gaping plot holes which are left unexplored. Although the show tries its best to cover up its shortcomings, these loopholes make the viewing experience too tedious and dumbs down the narrative in a way as well. This also makes the plot pretty predictable. Maybe, this is why the second season fared better?

The glaring reality is the show had the potential to do so much more with its characters and their individual storylines as well. However, it opted for a relatively more one-dimensional narrative.

Another aspect of the show that may have contributed to lowering the ratings is that The Umbrella Academy was established as a TV-14 rating. Many parents and critics felt that the show was not appropriate for kids to watch. Parents sighted bad language, drug use/reference, violence, and sexual innuendoes as a reason as to why the show isn’t appropriate for kids. Many parents refute this belief, however.

Further, The Umbrella Academy did gain critical applaud for its representation of historical events such as the American Civil Rights Movements, John F Kennedy’s assassination, and the rise of hippie culture.

A Still From The Show (Netflix)

Critics Reviews- The Umbrella Academy

The Umbrella Academy ratings are largely positive this time

As already mentioned, The Umbrella Academy has garnered a generally favorable response from critics and users. Let’s take a look at what a few of the critics have to say-

“What works for the show is the neat time travel kicks, constant twists and throwbacks, the music and its visual appeal. Still, once all the pieces start falling into place, you see those twists coming from miles away, and as you reach the predictable resolutions, the series seems to drag, lag and constantly repeat itself, while forcing itself to invoke emotions you are unable to feel for these characters.”  – ETimes

Next,  Charlies Pulliam-Moore from Gizmodo sees an improvement from season 1, “There are a handful of moments scattered throughout the season that might throw you for the slightest bit of a loop, but in the end, The Umbrella Academy’s second chapter ends up being perfectly good and just shy of great, which is saying something, because the show overall does feel like it has a stronger sense of what it’s trying to be. It’s just that right now, the tone the series is striking just isn’t out there enough to really stand out.”

Meanwhile, Spencer Perry of sees a worrying trend, “The larger issue is that the new season has a hard time keeping tabs on the limits and potential of the Umbrella Academy’s powers. Characters will sometimes be ‘too tired’ to use their abilities despite this never being an issue before, but only when it’s at a point of convenience for them to not have their powers. This trend becomes more obvious in the final stretch of episodes but forces the story to grind as weaknesses in the children’s powers are brought up for the first time in the home stretch.”

Overall, The Umbrella Academy is a good watch with consensus from critics and users! It is available on Netflix. Go and watch the show right away!

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