The Umbrella Academy has the funniest memes on the internet

The Umbrella Academy is an American superhero TV show based on graphic novels created and written by My Chemical Romance lead singer Gerard Way. The Umbrella Academy has become Netflix’s biggest hit series since ‘The Witcher’.

Season 1 starts with the belligerent siblings reuniting after decades of their father’s funeral. It concludes with Vanya not being able to control her superpowers and the earth getting destroyed.

However, Five saves them all by transporting them back in time. Season 2 of the Netflix series was released on July 31.

We prepared a list of the funniest The Umbrella Academy memes from Tumblr, Buzzfeed, Reddit and more. Let’s take a look at some of them that will set you up in a fit of laughter:

Apparently Pogo shouldn’t have answered Vanya’s question. She was already upset about being lied to about her powers. Allison made her believe through her (Allison) superpower that she was just ordinary. After the siblings’ adoptive father killed himself in order to bring them all together, Pogo was left behind with all his secrets. Years of pent up trauma and power overcome Vanya, who explodes out of her cell and, coursing with unleashed powers. Consequently, Pogo got killed.

Well, technically they don’t share the same blood. Or maybe they do? Klaus is apparently made about the incest that Allison is trying so hard to justify. This is actually a case involving a lot of technicalities.

The classic meme template of all. I guess we will have to wait to find who does Klaus finally ends up with. Also, the picture goes too well with the context.

Five Memes Incoming: The Umbrella Academy

In The Umbrella Academy, Klaus has a superpower that allows him to talk to dead people. This is the reason because of which he keeps seeing Ben. But he is actually very self-conscious of this superpower and doesn’t tell anyone about it. It could also lead to a lot of questions for him.

the umbrella academy memes five
Via Facebook (Sarah Carulli on FB)

At this point, you have to be convinced that The Umbrella Academy has the funniest memes.

If you are reading this in 2020, you probably know the reason and how a hell lot difficult it is staying at home, and not socializing. The situation right now is so much worse than the earth getting destroyed.

Source: Mamasgeeky
Source: Catchymemes

Yes, certainly we have all been there.

More Memes From The Umbrella Academy

This fictional situation is is literally quite funny. Diego’s superpower is controlling the trajectory of knives. While teaching Klaus how to throw them he roasts him on his ability to talk to dead people.

This meme shows that Reginald has no further hope from The Umbrella Academy. Consequently, he has now turned to the Sparrow Academy.

The Umbrella Academy has some of the best memes

We all know who Klaus is hinting at(Ben).

For some reason everyone hates Luther and think that he is not capable of being the leader. Many think that it was because of him that the apocalypse took place.

The Umbrella Academy memes to crack you up

Allison is weary of Vanya’s new beau and it turns out to be for a very good reason.

Memes from The Umbrella Academy represent us so well.

After all, they all are adoptive siblings who were born on the same day and were adopted by Reginald Hargreeves.

Apparently, the siblings don’t get along with each other very well.

The best umbrella academy memes
Via memebase

Reginald Hargreaves was a very strict father before his death. In addition to that, he was cruel and heartless towards his adoptive children. In short, he failed as a parent. This is what inspires this meme.

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