The Mandalorian Timeline Explained

the mandalorian timeline

With the release of the first blockbuster film of an immediately successful franchise, Star Wars debuted on the big screen in 1978. A boundless galaxy that had previously only existed in the pages of comic books, came into existence outside and expanded the fandom even further.

Today, the Star Wars timeline has come a long way with the release of eight subsequent films. They have brought the timeline and the progression of the story a lot forward. The release of the recent web television series, The Mandalorian further intrigued fans for this very significant reason: the timeline.

Apart from the cinematic brilliance of the show, fans couldn’t help but theorize the timeline of The Mandalorian and see where it fits into canon. In case the show was too crafty to decode, we’ve got you.

Here is the timeline of The Mandalorian and its features laid out-

When do the events in The Mandalorian occur?

Jon Favreau carefully drafted the show’s plot to keep it intriguing yet not too complicated to stray away from the original films. He revealed that The Mandalorian is set between the timelines of Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. As shown by the films, the Return of the Jedi is set to take place in 4 ABY (After the Battle of Yavin) and the events in The Force Awaken transpire during 34 ABY. According to writer Favreau, the series is set in a time that is 25 years before the establishment of the First Order in The Force Awakens, and 5 years after the Empire’s collapse in Return of the Jedi.

Mathematically, this would place 9 ABY as the year when the events of The Mandalorian take place. This is the period when the efforts of Rebel Alliance come to fruition following the fight against the Empire. They set up the new democratic governance called the New Republic that takes over. However, because of its primitiveness, it has an insubstantial hold over the galaxy, particularly the anarchic outskirts.

At this time, we know that the Empire has fallen and its tyrannical regime has come to an end. It is assumed that the events of The Mandalorian explore the aftermath of this occurrence. Further, they delve into the time period leading up to the events of The Force Awakens. So, we’re not only getting a peek into the state of the galaxy under the newly set-up democratic government, but also into how things may have gone wrong leading to the eventual rise of yet another dictatorial regime.

The First Order had to start somewhere, and the answer may lie in The Mandalorian series.

The Mandalorian: Timeline

9 AYB is namely The Mandalorian timeline in specific. The Empire has fallen, and the Rebel Alliance has successfully transformed itself into the new regime’s bearer, New Republic.

The democratic government has been established on Chandrila, with a new capital on the planet. The new galactic governance seems insubstantial, whether it is due to its freshness or not, we are not told yet. The lands outside the proper hold of the New Republic are barren of law and administration. They are either yet to be brought under the democratic regime, or have been forgotten altogether. The Star Wars galaxy is an extensive one.

So, while some regions of the galaxy have found assurance in the establishment of the New Republic. Though others may be on the brink of trouble.

The timeline of the show The Mandalorian, though succinctly explored in the show, still remains as mysterious and unknown. Perhaps, the next and second installment in the series dated to come out towards the end of October 2020 may further delve into this largely unexplained timeline. But for now, all that we can know comes mostly from the pre-existing comic books and expanded works.

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The Outer Rims of the galaxy, as had been anticipated, are left untended and in anarchical chaos. While some are deserted of any kind of control, most are reigned over by Imperial warlords.

The Mandalorian explores the state of the Imperials throughout the series. While some gasping elements come to light, the general state of the Imperials is understood. Outside the governed galaxy, the Imperials are trying are to retain their power. (While left forgotten by the New Republic for the time being)

The Mandalorian: Timeline in Perspective

It is now not an unknown fact that The Mandalorian takes place only 5 years after Return of the Jedi. This means that all the events of the show take place in a period of freshness of the memories of Episode VI’s events. With the Empire no longer in existence, the main figures responsible for the strenuous fight – Leia, Luke and Han Solo – are all obviously alive and living somewhere within the galaxy.

Our future protagonists, Finn and Rey don’t exist just yet since they haven’t yet been born. Kylo Ren, going by the name Ben Solo, is still only a little child.

Luke, Return Of The Jedi

Though nothing of The Force Awakens can be anticipated in the series, fans are hoping they’ll see at least one good reference to the iconic characters of Return of the Jedi (some classic ‘Luke, I am your father’ for old times’ sake?). But, considering the events of the show take place largely in the unlawful lands of the Outer Rims. We don’t know how close we can get to a fan anticipated reference.

Baby Yoda

the mandalorian timeline

Too many memes, too little context. For those who haven’t watched The Mandalorian yet, it may be difficult to understand the full reason for the existence of “baby Yoda” (baby 50-year old alien, more like). But, we’re here to tell you that that’s one plot reveal you do not want to miss.

Fans know Yoda’s role in the franchise, but here the show may be giving us a little insight into Yoda’s back story. Are there more of the alien species that Yoda belongs to, and if not, what happened to them? Watching the show may not answer this question fully, but it begins to plant the seeds for what’s to come in its sequel.

The timeline of The Mandalorian is still raw and mysterious. As fans come to terms with the progressing storyline of the franchise, The Mandalorian has allowed them to explore periods that haven’t been able to be captured by the films.

As the sequel prepares to launch later this year, fans wait with dwindling patience to see what more of The Mandalorian timeline they can piece together. But for now, this is all that we know of the show’s place within the canon.

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