The best films of TIFF 2020

The annual Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) is back to portray a mixture of glee, hardships, and sniffs. TIFF is a charitable cultural organization with an objective to upheaval the way people see the world, through films. It is difficult to reach this level as it is no way ‘a reach into a grab bag and pull a name out.’

Today, we’ve brought the best of TIFF 2020 handpicked for you.

1. The Father (TIFF 2020)

The Father is an adaptation of Florian Zeller’s 2012 play bearing the same name. It delivers the story from the vision of the putative character, Anthony.

It consists of the precise and beautiful portrayal of an old man played by Sir Anthony Hopkins who is battling advanced dementia. However, the hardships of aging are featured here, they also make us delve into a petrifying journey of human life towards senility.

His daughter, Anne (Olivia Colman), is leaving for Paris and she attempts to hire a caregiver for her father. They mockingly argue upon the topic. Hopkins’s stellar performance and his acting skills aid him in switching from his happy-go-lucky mood to a curmudgeon one in a snap. There’re moments when Anne is feeling the same way as her father because of her differences between her husband, Paul. He eventually compels her to put her father into an institution.

This contains a journey with a lot of bumps in the road but the characters keep going in the hope of light at the end of the tunnel. This will make you want to dive into it and take their pain away. Grab your tissue box for this one.

2. The Truffle Hunters (TIFF 2020)

If your heart and mind are craving for lip-smacking mystery then this is it. The Alba Truffle is the prized possession of the Northern Italy deep into the woods. But not everyone possesses the art and knowledge of digging these edible and mouthwatering pieces of gold.

The three sagacious wise old men (Birba, Carlo, and Sergio) and along with their balls of fur with sharp canines and a strong sense of smell (dogs) hold the esteemed power of laboring. Truffle isn’t the only sweet thing in this but also the relationships of the dogs with their masters melt hearts.

Many scavengers and hunters from around the world give away their lives for this sweet mystery but it stays an enigma. Filmmakers Michael Dweck and Gregory Kershaw drive us into this joyride which has the tinge of amusement and yet it subtly turns our attention towards the urgency of deforestation and environment degradation which is a very significant issue.

You might’ve to order truffles because you’ll end up fancying it that is for sure. The Truffle Hunters is a true delight.

3. 4 North A

4 North A, TIFF 2020
Credits: TIFF

Directed by Jordan Canning and Howie Shia, 4 North A is a film with almost no dialogues that portray the struggle and pain of a woman who is sitting beside her father who is in the jaws of death. The music and the sound of every single detail beautify the story even more.

The woman nostalgically rushes into her past memories which came flooding through her mind with every passing second. The way the filmmakers have displayed moments of distress, suffering and the transient nature of human life is exceptional. It is like a painting that comes to life and teaches us valuable lessons in human life.

However, this is hard to watch but is absolutely a must-see.

4. Every Day’s Like This (TIFF 2020)

Credits: TIFF

Every day’s Like This is a heart-wrenching and agonizing film. It unfolds very eloquently about what all the family members do for one another. Even the youngest one in the family understands the amount of grief when they’re about to lose a family member.

It revolves around a family of four in which their mother is suffering from cancer. However, it focuses more on the struggles of her husband (Daniel Kash), son (Francis Melling), and daughter (Kacey Rohl) who struggle to make sure that every single this is apt.

It showcases how far you will go to protect your family. The character of their mother is painted as the plaid and grief-stricken lady whose face lights up at the mere sight of her family. They make her see colours.

Well, there are greys in everybody’s rainbows, we just have to learn to deal with ’em.

5. Sweat

The lives of social media influencers’ are much more difficult than you can ever imagine. They’re being recorded 24*7. One wrong step and your life is bombarded with inappropriate questions and hate mails. Today, there are very few articles and films that have given this topic an upper hand. Most of them view it as a cakewalk but there exists a backstory.

Writer-director Magnus von Horn has empathetically recorded each and every hurdle that Sylwia, played by Kolesnik, and people like her go through. The absurd male stares and the stereotypes have a major effect on their mental health. Sylwia is mentally and physically harassed which frustrates her even more.

This is a silver-tongued film that everybody must watch. Not only it spreads awareness but teaches us that nobody’s life is perfect and we should embrace our flaws along with our talents.

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