The Bachelor’s Fame Jason and Molly Have Come A Long Way!

The Bachelor’s fame Jason and Molly have come a long way- their relationship timeline is here to prove it all!

Jason Mesnick is a name most associated with The Bachelors, both for his controversial actions and his love life. Bachelor No.13, Jason Mesnick is popular for 2 reasons. The first being for the term “The Mesnick”. This happened after his episode involving him sobbing over a balcony. The second and probably the more glaring of the two reasons is because he pulled the iconic franchise’s first-ever switcheroo!

By proceeding with the controversial step of dumping his final pick on the show and pursuing a relationship with the runner-up- none other than now wife Molly Mesnick (nee Malaney).

Let us take a deeper dive into the timeline of the relationship of these controversial Bachelors products!

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Presenting The Relationship Timeline Of Jason and Molly On The Bachelor!

Where it all really began!

The Bachelorette, season 4 – 2008

A moment with ... Jason Mesnick, 'The Bachelorette's' jilted suitor -
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In this drama-filled season, Jason appeared on the show and even reached the finale. The then single father from Seattle had gotten ready to get down on one knee in the season finale. However, like a blow on the face, Bachelorette DeAnna Pappas rejected him and accepted a proposal from Jesse Csincsak. This new couple called it quits by November of 2008 itself.

The Bachelor, season 13 – 2009

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Jason, an accounting executive went on to be the lead for season 13 of the hit show, The Bachelors which aired in January of 2009. Jason at this point already shared son Ty with ex-wife Hilary Buckholz. Here is where the drama began to brew!

Jason originally picked Melissa Rycroft to be his wife. He even proposed to her and it seemed as if the two were deeply in love. However, after he proposed he changed his mind! The entire act of breaking up with Melissa and confessing his feelings for runner-up Molly was caught live on camera in the segment of the show called ‘After the Final Rose’. All this happened on screen around March of 2009. Jason moved on to officially propose to now-wife, Molly in October of the same year.

“Melissa is a great girl, but there wasn’t any chemistry,” he told Us Weekly at the time. “So I broke up with her after Christmas, about a month after we wrapped. Obviously, I didn’t want it all on TV, but I had to take the chance if it meant getting [Molly] back. I’d rather have picked up the phone, trust me!”

A little about Melissa

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After the entire scandal of being dumped by fiancé Jason, she reconnected with former boyfriend Tye Strickland. These two hit it off really well and tied the knot in December 2009 and now have three cute little kids as well! While the couple is happily married, Melissa did open up about how cringe it was to revisit those moments on Netflix in 2020.

“I don’t really need to go back because it’s so far away,” she told Us. “However, of course, I’m getting sent screenshots, and memes, and stuff that people are now watching and finding. I had, like, the poof in my hair. I was wearing tank tops and scarves, it was a mess. There was no YouTube to show us how to contour, or do makeup. … I mean, it’s just an embarrassing time that was documented that people are getting to relive it again. … Tye watched it the first time around, which was his mistake, so he has those images ingrained in him forever.”

Okay, back to Jason and Molly!

Are Jason and Molly Still Together? What Happened to the Iconic Duo?
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As established, six weeks after proposing to Melissa, Jason broke up with her on live television.

“As soon as she left, I felt like a huge piece of me was gone, a piece that made me a better person and made me alive,” he justified at the time.

Melissa fired back, “I trusted you with everything. Getting engaged and finding that person was a once-in-a-lifetime thing and you took that from me!”

Then for the twist in the plot, Molly came up on stage. Jason said bye-bye to Melissa and revealed that he wanted to be with Molly! All on TV! Live!

October 2009

How Jason & Molly Mesnick's Relationship Stands the Test of Time
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Jason and Molly got engaged in New Zealand in October 2009.

February 2010 – The Bachelor Jason and Molly tie the knot

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The couple tied the knot in a rather sultry wedding scene. The entire event happened with the ABC cameras standing as a witness in the POURING RAIN of California on February 27, 2010. Ever seen a Bollywood movie where the hero and heroine dance in the rain? Well, looks like Jason and Molly found their inspiration from just that!

October 2012

The Bachelor's Jason and Molly Mesnick's Baby Shower | POPSUGAR Family
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A baby is on the way!

Molly announced that she was pregnant with their first child in October 2012.  “Ty’s been an only child all of his life, so he’s really excited to be a big brother and he totally understands what’s going on,” Jason told Us at the time. “And it’s nice that he’s older, so maybe he will be able to help out a little bit.”

March 2013 – Jason and Molly’s baby is here

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The couple welcomed their first daughter, Riley into the world in March 2013. “We welcomed the most beautiful healthy baby girl to our family today Riley Anne Mesnick.  Thank you all for your well wishes!” Jason tweeted at the time.

July 2015

Jason Mesnick, Molly Malaney's Unconventional 'Bachelor' Love Story
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The couple returned on-screen for an episode of ‘Wife Swap’ in July 2015 to switch lives with friends and Bachelor Nation couple Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici. The show involved Sen coming under audience scrutiny for being “a complete jackass” as he says it for leaving Catherine a to-do list. Molly, however, being a faithful wife for a week defended her husband.

“I had THE best time filming #CelebrityWifeSwap with @seanloweksu! He is an incredible person who adores his beautiful wife more than anything in the world,” she wrote via Instagram. “I wouldn’t have wanted to spend my week swapped with anyone else. Thank you @seanloweksu & @catherinegiudici for welcoming me into your home. You will be our life-long friends and I cannot wait for this world to be blessed with little Lowes ” shared Molly on instagram.

March 2018

History repeats itself!

From Betrayal to Better Than Ever: How Jason and Molly Mesnick Endured One  of The Bachelor's Biggest Scandals - E! Online
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Jason and Molly  were called back by ABC for their expert advice when Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s season of The Bachelor had a similar ending to theirs.

“After watching the finale, Jason and I both wished Arie would have reached out before doing anything. Our first piece of advice, most certainly, would have been to break up privately,” the pair told Us Weekly exclusively at the time. “Unfortunately it didn’t happen that way, but Arie knows he messed up.” Shared Molly.

June 2019

The family of four posed for an adorable selfie at a golf course. Molly shared a heartfelt message for her hubby and father of their children on Fathers Day. “Happy Father’s Day to our rock, our leader, our sense of calm, our voice of reason, and the one who gets us out of the house to enjoy the incredible life we’ve built together!” Molly gushed at the time via Instagram. “You are ALL THE THINGS @jasonmesnick!!! We love you!!! ”

February 2020

Jason Mesnick, Molly Malaney's Unconventional 'Bachelor' Love Story
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Happy 10 year anniversary to the Mesnicks! They celebrated a decade of marriage on the 27th of February.

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