Survivor Season 41 Reportedly Delayed Until Fall 2021

survivor season 41 delayed

Unfortunately with the outbreak of coronavirus, many tv shows and film production have shut down. The strict international travel ban, regressive coronavirus protocols, and the ongoing lockdown have also taken a toll on the making of Survivor season 41. The show which was scheduled to premiere in September 2020, is now postponed until Spring, 2021. 

Unfortunately, fans of Survivor will have to face a delay in the release of a brand new season. The production of season 41 had to shut down in March.

The filming location at Fiji’s Mamanuca Island, for the upcoming season also faced a few unique difficulties. As the pandemic has claimed thousands of lives worldwide, the Fijian government has enforced strict safety measures upon its citizens. This also includes the point that the country’s borders will remain sealed to non-citizens. Hence, filming in a foreign country has proven to be difficult for the makers of the show,

Originally it was hoped that the production for season 41 will begin this fall. But in the month of July, they pulled the show from its schedule. It was clearly not going according to the plan. However, the show is unable to resume its production until April at the earliest.

The Fijian government isn’t too keen upon allowing any practices that might risk the already fatal condition. In spite of this, the team is trying to do it’s best to obtain permission for the shoot on Fiji. They shared, “The Survivor producers are continuing to work with officials in Fiji on the appropriate time to start production on its next edition, with health and safety matters the top priority for everyone involved.”

According to various reports, Jeff Probst sent out a memo to the Survivors crew. He explained in it that the show decided to be proactive in the face of this unprecedented pandemic to keep the safety of the crew, many of whom hail from countries around the world, in mind.

When can you expect it to return

The producers hope to film the 41st and 42nd season back to back from April to July of 2021. This will only help them get back on track of the traditional filming schedule from 2021. Obviously, even this date is contingent as it all depends upon the pandemic and the decisions of the Fijian government.

CBS Entertainment President Kelly Kahl previously told Deadline in an interview that, “[It’s] going to be a little more complicated because we literally have to navigate some international waters,”

When asked about the safety measures that they were taking for the shoot, Jeff Probst answered that,

“When it comes to resuming production, the series has had to consider many challenges that many other television programs don’t have to worry about at this time. Shooting in a foreign country is exponentially more complicated, and we are still exploring them. “I’m on the phone every couple of days, either with the government of Fiji or with our executive teams that are in charge of logistics and planning”. He also added, “We’re continuing to lay out ideas. We don’t have a plan yet. It’s what we’re spending all our time doing because it’s not like we’re going to Atlanta to shoot a show.”

With the filming delayed, we cannot hope for Survivor season 41 to air before the fall of 2021. Nonetheless, this will end up in the longest wait that fans have ever experienced in the history of the franchise.

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