Stranger Things Has The Funniest Memes That All Of Us Relate With

Stranger Things memes are everywhere on the internet! The American science fiction, TV series took the internet by storm upon its release in June 2016. This perfect blend of adventure, thriller and horror coming of age story has gathered a large audience who have simply fallen in love with the show. But, the part that makes the show worth watching is the co-existence of humor and horror in a very realistic way. Needless to say, internet memers took the opportunity to create a myriad of memes around Stranger Things.

The Netflix series has produced 3 seasons up till now and we have memes on every character from Eleven and Hopper to Will and Barb. These Stranger things memes will make you go LOL:


Season 1 of the show mostly revolves around Will who encounters a monster on his way home. He is lost in the Upside down world and everyone keeps searching for him. This inspired the meme of us looking for will who is not a person but the force within us. The situation where we desperately need the “will” but can’t really find it is actually quite aptly shown in this meme.

Stranger things memes that you will relate with


Finding Nemo’ is one of the most famous animation pictures where the fish gets lost in the ocean and is taken away by humans. Marlin his father is quite similar to Joyce Byer from Stranger Things. Her son is trapped in the demonic Upside down world while all his friends and family are looking for him. The faces of characters of Finding Nemo are swapped with characters of Stranger Things. Scroll down for more Stranger Things memes.

Funny stranger things memes on the internet
Nemo’s father Marlin, with a face of Will’s mother Joyce

Winona Ryder’s role in Stranger Things is highly comparable to that of Marlin in Finding Nemo.


This is not just a dialogue by Eleven but she actually means it. One of the deepest Stranger Things memes on the internet, some of us can relate. She has no one she could open herself to or share things with. However, on a more humorous note, this is what most introverts would say as a part of their attribute of not associating with people. It also means that some people might not have very trustworthy friends.


Many would say, what’s so special about Barb? Apart from rocking an iconic 80’s characters look, she owns a ridiculous outfit and is blatantly honest. The way Barb doesn’t depict a cliche nerd who as a secret sexy side or is even peripherally interested in seducing boys, her presence in the show comes off as extremely refreshing.

We all want to be Nancy. The pretty girl for whom boys fall for. The one who is exceptionally good at everything she does and also has a stable family on top of that. But in real life, Nancy is a myth and Barb a part of our reality.


In episode 3 of season 1, after Will is lost to the Upside down, Joyce realises that she can somehow connect with her son. This moment of joy knows no bounds for her. She tries to communicate with Will through Christmas lights. Byer decorates her house with them and then sits with a bundle of lights in her hand. She speaks to them as if it were her child.

Another version of a meme from this scene goes: ” Even Will can communicate with her from the Upside down world but you can’t”. Dark humour.


Eleven is currently at that point in her life where she is just trying to survive. After escaping from the Hawkins lab she merely cares about food and doesn’t care a straw about what people are saying. This is the attitude that most foodies around us have too, some of the best Stranger Things memes like this one make us totally relate!


The show has hyped up the love for Eggos among its audience. Stranger things fan could as well say “I love you more than Eleven loves Eggos”. Well we have a cheesy meme right there.


These memes from Stranger Things will make you relate with your quarantine activities the most.

Stranger things memes that we all will relate to
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