Why Jim Hopper From Stranger Things Is The Best Dad Ever

Who would have thought that Jim Hopper from Stranger Things- with his messy trailer with empty beer bottles on the coffee table, followed up with heavy cigarette smoking, pill-popping, and more beer to wash the pills down- would claim the throne to the best dad on television? 

David Harbour, whom you might also remember from Revolutionary Road, State of Affairs, or Brokeback Mountain, plays Jim Hopper. He became quite appealing to the audience with the portrayal of his role in the Netflix original.

Here are a few reasons why fans are swooning over the father-daughter relationship in the series:

The Ultimate Dad moment

Watching Jim Hopper from Stranger Things dance to “You Don’t Mess Around With Jim” acting all goofy and silly in order to cheer up her daughter. He is comfortable enough to do all those things with her newly adopted daughter El which we find really sweet. 

Their Amazing Bonding After His Terrible Past

Because of what had happened with his first daughter and marriage, he grew into a careful and initially hesitant person at first. In fact, as he opened up to El, his honesty and vulnerability made him a great dad.

Hopper sought to keep her safe, taught her vocabulary and spelling, read her bedtime stories, and kept the house well stocked with Eggos.

Serving Delicious Eggo Meals

Eleven loves Eggos. He creates a ritual around making triple-decker Eggos with her even if he is not so fond of them. It is his love for her that Jim Hopper tries to show through this little act of wrapping up egg waffles together and serving it to his beloved daughter.

He Allows Her To Attend The Ball

Hopper knew how much she wished to attend the ball and he doesn’t try to come in the way. In spite of the fact that she should have been hiding at the moment, he gives her permission and even stays in the parking lot to ensure her safety.

Hopper Never Stops Supporting Her (Stranger Things S3 Especially!)

From holding her hand at the gate to protecting her as she concentrated on closing it, he is always there for her. “You did good, kid. You did so good,” was all that he could come up with even in the direst situation that he had possibly ever faced in life, and still, it was just what she needed.

He Is Always Scared Of Losing Her

Just before the Battle of Starcourt, he tells her “I need you safe.” He kept saying this every time there was impending danger. In Stranger Things Season 3, Hopper wanted to ensure her safety first as she had been injured.

He Wanted To Only Keep Her Safe

Throughout Stranger Things (especially in the 2nd season), Jim Hopper received a lot of criticism for keeping her hidden with no contact from the outside world for almost a year, we can’t deny the fact that it was to protect her from the people of Hawkin’s lab. Though she wasn’t allowed to open her windows or go out at night, these rules were arguably in her best interest.  

At one point he even overreacts about her boyfriend Mike and asks her to stay away from him. When Mike discovers that he has been hiding El he lashes out at him. But Hop doesn’t react much. Instead, he allows him to vent, eventually hugging the kid, and knowing that while he couldn’t fix it, he certainly did his best.

The Letter That Left Everyone Bawling Their Eyes Out

The moment that brought tears to everyone’s eyes was when Hopper poured his heart out for Eleven and shared how he truly felt.

We all could feel a connection to Hopper and his sufferings. Nonetheless, he remained the brave, caring, extraordinary chief he was and a true hero till the end. He was selfless enough to give up his life not just for his daughter for the people of Hawkins (or maybe he is alive!).

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