Splatoon 3 is a third-person shooter video game developed and published by Nintendo for the Wii U. It is a game with the concept of having a competitive, ink-based, territory control game. It was rated with a 7+ age rating but now due to additional features and some realistic touch added to the game, the Splatoon 2 was rated 10+ age rating.

The first game of the series “Splatoon” was released in May 2015, fro the Wii U. With the prequel released in July 2017 for the Nintendo Switch and Splatoon 3, the third instalment of the game series by Nintendo, was set to come out somewhere in 2020 with no official date yet announced.

About Splatoon

The game with its first installment was a huge hit among the Nintendo fans with many positive reviews for its tyle, gameplay, features, and soundtracks. And hence sold 4.95 million copies of the same. The sequel introduced different modes as compared to the first release of the game which only had a single-player campaign dubbed Hero mode.

The various modes included The Shoal, League Battle, and Salmon Run. Hence featuring a rise in the sale o the game with 10.13 million copies of the game being sold, which is more than double to that of the first instalment.

Single player vs Multiplayer Splatoon

The single-player, campaign cum Hero mode of the game takes the character through platform-based levels and some puzzle-solving, along with battling enemies, the Octarians. Whereas the online multiplayer mode allows the user to play along with other users, in which two teams, of up to 4 players can compete with each other.

The game is played about using paint guns, ink bombs, paint rollers, and inkzookas to attack the bosses and enemy tentacles in order to defeat them. The battles include realistic gunfire but minimal display of violent approaches and brief cries of pain in the game.

splatoon release

The realistic yet non-violent aspects of the game have helped the game series reach the attained sale market with huge fans of the series too. And now with three years past the last addition to the game series, “Splatoon 2”, fans are eagerly waiting for the third installment and brand new features, modes, even better graphics and a new story mode to it.

Some time back, Nintendo posted a picture with the caption, “The stars from #Splatoon and #Splatoon2 are staying fresh, even if it’s frosty! But where’s Marina?”, maybe, hinting to the Splatoon 3 release but without an official backing up statement to the same.

Splatoon reasons for interest?

In the world of “I need an action game”, “I need a high-quality graphics game”, etc Splatoon made its mark, by bringing, hand in hand the shooting, action, multiplayer part of the demand with the children safe, gentle and colourful approach. It makes the game a 2 in 1 combo that is then desired by many and approved by parents worldwide, which is indicated by the sale analysis of the game.

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