Spelunky 2 aiming for an August PC release?

Sony is set to release its new Spelunky for the PC.  The developers of Spelunky said that they would release this by September. It is also believed that this would be released first in the PlayStation4 and soon it will be available on PCs. Spelunky 2 is having its release just a few weeks after the release of PS4. They are working hard to release this Spelunky as soon as they can.

The of this software is Derek Yu. He said that his release was taking quite some time because of the new development in it. Spelunky was first released back in 2008. It gained its popularity soon after the release. This Spelunky was a success soon after its release and is still one of the best. In fact, it is also said that the 2008 Spelunky was the first-ever modern roguelike game. Due to this, the level of difficulty for developing games had increased. 

Release date of Spelunky 2

Spelunky 2 was announced back in 2017. The creators announced that they were coming up with a new Spelunky feature which will be known as Spelunky 2: the sequel. Although Spelunky was supposed to be released in 2019 it never came out. This resulted in some negative comments by the users and fans. Later on, the developers explained the real reason for their delay. They apologized for delaying this Speluncky 2, along with this. they also mentioned that they are all set to release it by this year.

Furthermore, Speluncky 2 is said to be aiming for a PC release. What can be a piece of greater news than that? Yes, the developer has confirmed that they will soon release Spelunky 2 for PCs. Moreover, the release date has been fixed soon after the release of Sony’s PlayStation 4.

Features of Spelunky 2

Certainly, the long wait can be a result of something good. And here we are waiting for the Spelunky PC release. It is said that this new release will be filled with a lot more characters, enemies, troops, and much more. Altogether, it has quite a lot of features along with some expected great experience. Also, Spelunky 2 has been given cool-sounding titles such as ‘Dead Cells’, and more. Furthermore, the developers are confident that the wait for the release of the sequel will be worth its time.

Other updates regarding Spelunky 2

Spelunky 2 has an official trailer that gives us a small glimpse of the new characters. The developers mentioned that they were running some tests on the online multi-player and hence the delayed-release. It was also announced that the team has been working extremely hard to make Spelunky 2 a great success. They say that nothing is more important than our customers’ suitability. In fact, full efforts are being made to release this as soon as the release of Sony’s PlayStation 4. According to the developers, they are trying to build in a “comfortable” atmosphere for an amazing gaming experience.

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