How Simon Cowell Ended Up Breaking His Back

simon cowell
Simon riding his bike (Rachpoot/MEGA)

Yes, it is true! Reality television judge, Simon Cowell has reportedly broken his back after falling off an electric bike.

On behalf of Simon Cowell, his spokeswoman commented that the 60-year-old music mogul is doing fine after surgery and is under observation. She further stated that Simon is in the best possible hands.

Simon had to undergo an overnight surgery. The surgery reportedly lasted six hours. According to sources, he missed injuring his spinal cord by a mere centimeter.

The surgery of Simon Cowell

Simon was admitted in Providence Saint John’s hospital located in Santa Monica, which was a short drive from his beachside property in Malibu.

Simon had to undergo an overnight surgery and the surgery reportedly lasted six hours. According to sources, he missed injuring his spinal cord by a mere centimeter but Simon’s back is broken in three places and he could have been in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Simon is thought to be very lucky to have survived the fall but a metal rod had to be inserted in his back after he broke three vertebrae.

He is currently feeling groggy because of the surgery but is awake and upbeat. He is now anxiously awaiting to learn the extent of his damage and is certain to have a lengthy stay at the hospital.

It will take weeks for the swelling and bruising to go down and then it can be ascertained how serious the lasting effect could be.

The accident

Cowell lives with his partner Lauren Silverman, his six-year-old son Eric and his partner’s teenage son, Adam. Simon was trying a powerful new electric bike and accidentally pulled a wheelie. He fell backward and smashed his back on the concrete floor of his Los Angeles home.

He fell directly on his back and immediately knew he was in a bad shape.

Wishes from fans and closed ones

Fans came in full support for Simon’s back as they flooded his social media handles to wish him a full recovery.

Piers Morgan was one of those well-wishers. Piers wished Simon a successful operation and a full and speedy recovery.

Simon is currently recovering and tweeted on Sunday evening, thanking the medical team involved in taking good care of him.  He also shared some good advice with his fans on how to ride an electric bike safely. He advised to read the manuals carefully before trying on the bike.

Previous accident of Simon Cowell

simon cowell
Simon taken to hospital following his 2017 fall

In 2017, Simon had injured himself after he fell down the stairs in his London home.

He was diagnosed with low blood pressure after being taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

He blamed it on his unhealthy life choices. Simon said that he lives like a vampire staying awake all night and further added that as he is a dad, he has more responsibilities now and has to take good care of himself.  

Simon has appeared as a judge in several reality shows like Britain’s Got Talent, X-Factor, America’s Got Talent among others.

He will hopefully appear in the finales of Britain’s Got Talent and America’s Got Talent. The finales are scheduled on 24th September and 23rd September and we hope he recovers soon as the shows will just not feel the same without our favorite celebrity judge.

We wish Simon a healthy and speedy recovery.

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