Shania Twain To Release The Diamond Edition of ‘The Women In Me’. Check out the details here !

Shania Twain, the Canadian singer is celebrating 25 years of her award winning album “The Woman in Me”. An album that earn her the Grammys.

She recently announced on the show Good Morning America that she will be releasing The Woman In Me : Diamond Edition. The album helped shoot the country singer into stardom in the 90s. She added that this was the album that changed her career. It brought her to places she would have never imagined going in her wildest dreams.

She went on to say that she had high hopes but where she is today was unimaginable back then. So this a real celebration year for her. She is celebrating the coming out as a very independent, open minded, and very bold star.

The reissue of the hit album will contain everything starting from the singer’s live recordings to the previously unreleased tracks and mixes.

About The Album, ‘The Woman In Me’

shania twain the women in me
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The Woman in Me was second studio album of Shania Twain and was released in 1995. It contained some of her chart topping hits like The Woman In Me, No One Needs To Know, Any Man Of Mine, I’m Outta Here, You Win My Love, among others.

Four of the songs of the albums reached atop Billboard’s country singles. The album was also Twain’s first certified Diamond album. It sold around 10 million copies in 1997. Till date, the award winning album has sold around 20 million copies globally.

Views of Shania Twain on the Album

Twain had said that creating this album has been extremely personal for her. It was related to what she was feeling at that moment in the time of her youth.

Twain added that there is much more than the accolades for the album that resonates with her. For someone who grew up with music, it is really that what has connected over all these 25 years. It stands the test of time. She added that it has been an incredible journey to get to know all her fans, of all ages and all types from all over the world.

Twain reflected on how different generations of fans embraced the album and related to it. She said that so many women related to the album when it came out. Women in their late 20 and 30s were relating not just to her defiance but to her confidence in being an independent thinker and being bold and expressing that through music, video and fashion. She felt a connection with the female audience. The men were having fun, enjoying the aesthetics. The men were enjoying their own powerful women in their lives. They were supportive about it.

She further added that those people had children and they made their children listen to this music and now those children are at my concert almost the same age as their parents were when the album came out. She thinks that the music grew with the generations. Or maybe the generation grew with the music or maybe both the ways.

Shania Twain said that she was thrilled and felt liberated to be recording her own music at that time. Twain added that she clearly remembers the process of writing all these songs.

Shania Twain would be dropping the diamond edition of the album The Women in Me on 2nd October,2020.

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