Streets of Rage 4 is a beat ’em up video game developed by Dotemu, Lizardcube, and Guard Crush Games. It is a continuation of the trilogy released by Sega in the ‘90s. 

streets of rage 4

The road from rage to love for the “Streets Of Rage” series has been an easy one with a fan-base build up right from the pixelated first game release in 1991. 

The setup for the 4th continuation of the series takes us 10 years ahead after the events that were built up in the Streets of Rage 3. Streets of Rage 3 had concluded with the death of the villain MR.X and hence for the rebuild of the game in the 4th instalment, the roles of the anti-hero are taken up by MR.X’s children, the Y twins. The Y twins then form the crime syndicate, 10 years after the death of their father. The current crime syndicate yield new thoughts of bringing the city down, by brainwashing the city, by using hypnotic music. When the lead of the series, Blaze Fielding gets information about the evil notions of the Y twins, she brings in her old friends to join in the quest of bringing the crime syndicate down along with the Y twins. The friends now include Axel Stone, Adam Hunter, Adam’s daughter, Cherry Hunter, and Floyd Iraia, a cybernetically enhanced apprentice of Dr Zan.

The Streets of Rage 4 has in store number of modes to play with:

  1. The main gameplay mode/Story mode: Takes the player through the levels while the story is told.
  2. Arcade Mode: Limited lives are provided to clear the levels and the entire game. If all lives are lost it starts from scratch.
  3. Boss Rush Mode: It allows the player to play all the boss battles in succession, all at once.
  4. Battle Mode: A competitive mode that lets two players fight each other.

Manier times fans are discontented with the remake of retro games, movies, etc due to the loss of the classic touch to it or the retro style to it. But the developers of Streets of Rage 4, made sure not to stumble upon the mistakes of fellow competitors and game recreators. Many fans were more than satisfied with the rebuild and some even said it was way better than the originals in many aspects such as:

  1. The characters, for starters. Unlike in the originals, each character has completely different playstyles and they are easily evident. This allows the players to select the character that best suits their playstyle.
  2. The encounter design. The constantly changing, new scenarios adds a spice factor to the game and gives it an extra edge over other side-scrolling games.
  3. The welcoming approach to difficulty. The difficulty level can be set to avoid broken screens of beginners due to frustration and the other way round with professionals due to boredom and simplicity.

The game gives the good of both the worlds, the old retro styled gamin world, and the new advanced gaming world with the removal of pixels and better graphics. The game has been a huge hit amongst the fans and amongst the newly introduced gamers as well.

The fans must definitely be screaming for a fifth instalment, am I right?

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