Pokimane Announces Break From Streaming and Social Media

Canadian Internet sensation Imane ‘Pokimane’ announces a break from streaming and social media. The 24-old is an remarkable game streamer on Twitch and YouTube. She is mostly known for her live streams specifically on Twitch and has an impressive fan following. She also happens to be amongst the #TOP20 content creators on Twitch.

It’s exceptional, how content creators have put everything together to create art for this world, pushing aside their problems and mental toll, even during this pandemic. The work stress has actually increased by 20% for these creators, because of the huge consumption of content in the times, when a lot of our population is working from home while millions have lost their job.

Pokimane’s YouTube

Creators like Pokimane consider themselves extremely lucky for being able to get to create content even in such tragic time, and actually boost their position in the field.

Originally born in Morocco, Anys later emigrated to Canada. She dropped out of college to pursue streaming as an full time career. Anys’ internet name ‘Pokiman’ is inspired by the famous ‘Pokemon’ and the end intials of her first name, ‘Imane’. Pokimane had started streaming in 2013, focusing on hit games like Fortnight and League of Legends. She also donated $50,000 to the University of California, Irvine’s esports program.

It’s certainly heartbreaking for fans to see the Shorty Awardee take a leave for a month, but at the same time, it is also heart relishing. Her decision will inspire and empower thousands of people to put their mental health first and putting aside your work to take off that toll is okay. She announced this in a long post, explaining how she needs a month off as gaming is now more, bringing her joy and that, post her break she would come out much better as a creator. This tweet was posted on the 6th of August and there have been mixed opinions from her fans: some are really happy she took this decision while others are disappointed with their favorite creator on her decision. Whatever might be the case, mental health is extremely important and must be prioritized at all costs. Anys had also mentioned, how she has never taken a break from Twitch and YouTube, all these years since she dropped out of college. So Pokimane definitely deserves a holiday from her game land.

As of now, Pokemane has made no mentions about when she is going to take a break which means she might go offline, all of a sudden for a month. Amongst all the buzz caused by her decision, her fans are said to ‘approve’ her decisions, so it’s clear Pokimane can take a relaxing getaway.

Similarly, JackSepticEye, another YouTuber, took a break from his social media after which Pokimane was seen explaining her issue to fans.

We wish Pokimane all the very best and if you have a favourite content creator drop their name in the comment section, please support them, and give them all the love you can, virtually!

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