Why You Need To Get An Oculus Quest VR Headset

Facebook released the Oculus Quest on May 21, 2019. It is the first headset to provide a reliable standalone VR experience, good motion controllers, true head tracking, etc.  It has a store of its own which is full of games that had been specially made for the low powered mobile hardware of the headset. The product was limited at the time of release. 

Adi Roberston, a journalist of The Verge wrote, “As an Oculus Rift owner, I’m deeply tempted by the quest. I’d love having a self-contained headset with all of the Rift’s core features and none of its wires. I just wish I didn’t have to pick between a design I love and the games I want to play.” Now, no longer compromises have to be made after a year.  Facebook did a good job of expanding the capabilities of the quest, although there are still some limitations to it. 

The Line Up of Oculus VR Headset

The Oculus line up during the time of release was “Buy a Rift S if you want to play PC VR games, but a Quest if you want a standalone convenience.” Now everything is done by Quest and probably more than the Rift S does. Still, the Oculus Quest is the foremost and first standalone VR headset that works similar to a game console. It starts quickly and everything done happens within the VR interface with the headset.  The original interface was much complicated to use, but a recent update was made to Quest which made it easier to use. The headset is also easy to set up and convenient to use in comparison to other VR systems and anything that involves wires. 

The Quest Store

The Quest is a standalone system and the biggest limitation during the time of release was its store. Now also there are some limitations in the store, but it is in much better shape than it was in the time of release.  The store has now some of the major titles such as the Tetris Effect and Arizona Sunshine. The Quest store also includes recent hits that have released day and date such as Pistol Whip and The Room VR. It includes the option of cross-buy support for the Rift. The Quest store has now all the holiday recommendations 11 out of 13 games. 

The Quest is upgraded by Oculus in the past one year. It can be connected to a PC, added hand tracking, and if needed become a full tethered PC VR headset. The product is getting even better with time.  Facebook is surely showing its full commitment to the product.  In the CNET 2019, the Quest earned an Editor’s choice. 

The stock of the headset also did not last for quite long with the retailers. The demand for it is more and sells out quickly. Also, the situation of the global worldwide coronavirus pandemic is impacting the manufacturing of the product. A recent update also includes a 3 meters long USB charging cable with the Quest.  There is also a rumour about a next-generation Oculus Quest headset coming this year or next year.

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