Mortal Shell: A New RPG

A new RPG game is coming out in this year’s Q3 by the name of Mortal Shell, the game is based in a shattered world and sees the player take control of dead warriors in a fantasy world. 

The game developed by Cold Symmetry is all about the survival of the last of humanity as they fight enemies and build up their followers to take up against their foes.

Overview of Mortal Shell

At the start of the game the player awakened in a cold and empty vessel and then entered a world that is shattered to its core and where lies the twisted remains of humanity who are left there to wither and rot.

A mysterious figure is known as the “Dark Father” implores the main character to their biddings in going through the broken down landscape and tracking down devout followers in hidden sanctums.

In the hallowed ground of the Mortal Shell, there comes the real challenge as the character has to face formidable foes in order to harvest the sacred glands. There are a lot of other characters in the game as the main character is never truly alone and what you’ll find is ancient and lost warriors who possess unique abilities and a formidable knowledge of different weapons who the main character can inhibit to gain.

What did we get from the trailer?

The trailer of the game provides a very thrilling and teasing experience into the game as we check out various aspects of the game which link it to the soulsborne genre.

While many are expecting the game to live up to the expectations of the games previously launched in the genre the trailer also makes us aware of the striking similarities of the game with other games of the genre and it would be nice to see a change in the game but keeping up with the quality of the others.

Response to the Trailer of Mortal Shell

The new IP was announced recently and already stirred up quite the name and expectation for itself, through the trailer of the game many of the gamers likened the game to Bloodborne and Dark Souls.

Thought the two games how the monopoly in the soulsborne genre but as we know that none of the games are coming out this year as there is no yet the announcement of the next installment in Bloodborne and no new of Dark Souls installment coming out this year, the fans of the genre will be glad for the release of the new game and most likely the game will get a big opening when it is released in the Q3.

Gameplay and launch of MortalShell

The game is set to release for the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One and also a version for the Windows platform.

The action-RPG which also involves the ability to body swap in the game much like Warframe, the game is expected to be quite amazing when it launches and not only the genre of the game but its surprise announcement and the thrilling trailer has a lot to contribute to the anticipation for the game.

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