Millie Bobby Brown Posted A Stunning Picture Of Her New Blonde Avatar

Millie Bobby Brown has just stunned the fans with her new blonde hair on Instagram. The Stranger Things actress has always carried herself well. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that her recent blonde look has fans totally nodding in appreciation.

Fans are going gaga over her new look

In a photo posted in the early hours on July 3rd, Millie Bobby Brown revealed her new blonde avatar. The wavy beach curl hair and glossy lips complimented her look perfectly. The photo from her Instagram account is shared below-

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She looks totally confident in herself in this photo and that confidence exuded shines through the picture. The glittery makeup in the backdrop of smokey colours in the picture really brings out the beauty of the Stranger Things actress. Millie Bobby Brown has more than 33 million followers on Instagram, with her new blonde hair she certainly stirred a lot of Instagram users to comment. Therefore, there is absolutely no doubt that this picture of hers would have come as quite a treat to her fans. However, some fans chose to point out the negative perspective.

Fans commented that Millie Bobby Brown does not look her age in the picture (She is 16). Furthermore, some said that her childhood is being lost due to getting so popular at an early age. However, the comfort level that Millie Bobby Brown feels in herself is ultimately the most important thing. Moreover, judging from the way she has handled her fame so far, there is no doubt that she has a good head on her shoulders. Therefore, the criticism from internet trolls is likely to be white noise for her as it should be.

After all, these pics are enough to convince one that God is definitely a woman! The enchanting personality of Millie Bobby Brown fueled by her new blonde hair is quite simply breathtaking.

Millie Bobby Brown Is A Rising Star in Hollywood

Millie Bobby Brown shot to fame in 2017 when her show, Stranger Things, became a worldwide phenomenon. Since then, she has made the role of “Eleven”, in Stranger Things particularly iconic. Moreover, her acting chops in the show have been widely praised.

The show was scheduled to begin filming for its fourth season. However, the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has put a wrench in those plans. The filming has been delayed. However, there is hope yet that the makers are planning to start filming soon. Fans are excited to see the direction the show takes after giving it so much love and appreciation to the past three seasons.

Meanwhile, the Duffer Brothers, creators of the show have had some encouraging words for the show and its direction. In an interview with the Deadline, they said, “We like to look at each season as kind of its own complete story. We do have pretty large mythology. So we do have a general sense of where we’re going,’ he concluded. We’ve known the ending of the show for quite a while.”

Therefore, the 16-year-old actress is likely to continue her wave of success. No one would bet against her while she is on such a successful run.

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