Microsoft XBOX Ongoing Sale: Make The Best Of These Offers

microsoft xbox sale

Many sales are going on Microsoft Xbox. Microsoft had also launched the 2020 Spring Sale on 3 April 2020. We are keeping updated with all the top latest Xbox One sales along with the best value bundles from retailers such as Best Buy and Amazon. Xbox One bundle is a good way to go instead of a console only deal, as you will get the value for your money and extra accessories and games with the deal.  Here is a list of the best Xbox One bundle deals and their prices.

Xbox One S All-Digital Edition Deals

The starting price of Xbox One S All-Digital Edition is now available to order at a starting price of $249. All the games must be downloaded for the disc-less console as the version lacks a Blu-ray drive.  The games can be downloaded and played instantly as the version allows them to enjoy disc-free gaming.  Microsoft Xbox One S 1TB NBA 2K20 Bundle was available for $299 in Best Buy.

Xbox One Sale Deals

Xbox One S is designed as a slimmed-down which is much better than the original version. It supports 4k Netflix content and 4K Blu-Rays. The storage comes with 1TB for most of the Xbox One S, but some 500 GB is still available. The 2TB editions are limited and have almost disappeared, though they come out sometimes with a high price rate.

Forza Horizon 4 was $59, but now $34 in Amazon. Borderlands 3 was $59, but now $19 at Amazon. Mortal Kombat 11 was $59, but now $24 in Amazon. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate was $15, but now $1 in Microsoft.

Best Xbox One X Deals

Xbox One X supports native 4K gaming, HDR for games and videos, plays UHD Blu-ray discs. But, it has a limited exclusive game library and a bit expensive. It is still one of the best game consoles that can be brought and always has room for evolving. 

1 TB Xbox One X is available at $379.95 at Amazon, Xbox One X Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is available at $299.99 at Best Buy. Xbox One X NBA 2019 is available at $389 at amazon. Xbox One X Limited Edition Gears 5 is available at $479.50 at amazon.

Best Xbox One game deals

Microsoft, Amazon, and Best Buy are best for Xbox One gaming deals. In amazon, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint was $59, but now $24. In best Buy, the NBA 2K20 for Xbox One was $59, but now $19.  In Amazon, the WWE 2K20 for Xbox One was $59, but now $19.  In Microsoft, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate was 425, but now $1. 

Xbox One accessories deals

In Best Buy, Razer Kraken Gaming Headset was $80, but now $59. In Newegg, Hyperkin Duke Xbox One Wired Controller was $69, but now $65. In Best Buy, WD Easystore 1TB External HD was $79, but now $54. Many other deals are also available on various sites for buying.

Visit the Microsoft Store to know more about the XBOX Sale

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