Official Nintendo Document Hints New ‘Mario Sports’ Game Releasing On Switch

Mario sports switch
Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto says that they will continue using fixed-price models for its mobile games.
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Recently, an image of the trademark went viral across the internet. The alleged trademark in Europe indicated a brand new “Mario” sports game that could arrive soon on Nintendo’s hybrid gaming console, Switch.

It has been three years since the Japanese gaming giant unveiled this title. According to the latest reports, Nintendo filed a trademark in Europe and Australia.

The sports games aren’t a new addition to this universe. Actually, NES Open Tournament Golf, the first title of the franchise devoted to sports, was released back in 1987.

As the years went by the Japanese giant, Nintendo released dozens of sports-related games for their iconic character. They unveiled the Mario Sports Mix in 2010 and Mario Sports Superstars in 2017.

Almost every Nintendo console in existence had a Mario sports game and now it looks like the Nintendo Switch will be getting another one for its library. A recent trademark has suggested that a new game is on the way for the Switch.

Although the new trademark doesn’t ascertain the existence of a new and forthcoming entry, it wouldn’t be shocking to see such a game appear on the Switch one day.

New “Mario Sports” Game Coming Soon?

Apparently Nintendo has filed a new trademark in Europe and Australia for “Mario Sports”. The gaming giant filed the two listings on May 14, 2020 which will expire in May 2030. Interestingly, both registrations refer to the game

Cedits: Go Nintendo

According to the trademark, “Mario Sports” pertains to,

Electronic game programs, video game programs, downloadable electronic game programs, video game cartridges, memory cards for video game machines, smartphone cases, smartphone covers, computer game software, computer programs, electronic publications and downloadable image files, among others.

Earlier the “Mario Sports” series has introduced “Mario Sports Mix” pand “Mario Sports Superstar” playable on Wii and Nintendo 3DS respectively. It is also possible that Nintendo filed a trademark to protect its IP or possibly in preparation for a new game.

“Super Mario” 35th Anniversary

Credits: Go Nintendo

Recently numerous fans discovered a Twitter account which allegedly belonged to “Super Mario” 35th anniversary in other Nintendo news. The twitter account apparently has a handle named ‘aaaaaaaaaaa’, which could be a potential place for the forthcoming celebration of the 35th anniversary of the iconic plumber. Interestingly, the Twitter account has the same recovery email with Super Smash Bros and Splatoon, unfurling blazes of speculations that it is indeed an official Nintendo account.

According to VGC’s earlier reports, Nintendo was planning to announce numerous major releases on its 35th-anniversary of “Super Mario”. So the speculations are making rounds where Nintendo could use the potential account to announce and update the popular franchise. The Japanese gaming giant held a Nintendo Direct Mini on Monday.

It’s been three years since we last had a game under this name. Although the fans are not expecting the release anytime soon, however, Nintendo might take them by surprise.

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