Know all about the fun features coming to Google Meet !

Google meet, the video conferencing application has been trying to catch up with its rivals ever since some time now with its new features.

The application is all set to get cool new features such as allowing users to set custom background, blurring effects in the background during video calls and many more. The user will soon be able to choose the background image from the options available or can upload a new image.

Other wide range of features that will be available to google meet users, according to The Verge will be real time captioning, hand raising, low light mode, a tile view which will be able to include around 49 participants at a time. Another cool feature will be the voice command with which users will be able to join and end meetings.

Google Meet has been made free to anyone with a Google account which links it to the Gmail account. The video conferencing application, Zoom, has been rising in popularity ever since the Covid-19 pandemic. It is getting increasingly popular among office goers working from home, students who are attending online classes instead of going to schools and colleges.

The number of users has significantly improved as it has surpassed 100 million daily Meet meeting participants, as per Google’s data.

Another smart move by Google to lift off time limit from free calls until 30th September,2020 has also attracted a lot of users. Advance features like Dial-in phone numbers, larger meeting and meeting recordings along with Google Drive, Sheets, Docs, and Slides for content creation and real time collaboration brought to Google Meet by G Suite essentials has also been a huge crowd puller.  

Google Meet also provides end to end encryption to its free users until 30th September,2020. Zoom on the other hand doesn’t provide end to end encryption to users using the free version of the application. Zoom, however, has an edge over Google Meet because of its waiting room feature. In the waiting room feature you can add and remove participants which gives the host more control over the meeting.

New Google Meet features to help in online classes

Google will be providing educators more control over their virtual classes. Some of the features include, prohibiting participants from joining the meetings once they have rejected or ejected from the meeting, end meetings for all participants when class gets over, managing join requests in ease by mass accepting or rejecting, disabling in meeting chats and locking meetings until the moderator joins.

Some of the other features will include hand raising, Q&A features to let students ask questions without disrupting the flow of discussion.

Google will also launch a new temporary recording feature which will help the host to record a meeting. This recorded meeting can be shared within their domain up to 30 days before the video expires. The recording won’t be available to be downloaded or be shared outside their domain.

All education users will also have access to the premium recordings until temporary recordings will be available sometime later this year.

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