Kanye Drops ‘Wash Us in the blood’

Kanye Drops Wash Us in the blood
From Kanye West’s “Wash Us in the Blood” music video featuring and Travis Scott
Arthur Jafa / Courtesy of Def Jam Recordings

Kanye West dropped his new single “Wash Us in the Blood, ” with Travis Scott and the Twitterati seems to have gone crazy. In his new song, Kanye West summons for a blood rain to deliver black America from evil. 

Kanye’s hyperactivity has often landed him into trouble in the past years. Although, his fans are already delighted as Kanye announced a 10-year partnership with Mall stalwart Gap. He seems to be working on a brand new album, God’s Country, with the release of his single, “Wash Us in the Blood.”

Kanye West Drops “Wash Us in the Blood” with Travis Scott:

“Wash Us in the Blood” was teased by GQ as a track “with hard drums and Yeezus-like industrial horror noises, ”. The song does live up to GQ’s expectations. “Wash Us in the Blood” picks up the tunes from Kanye’s 2013 era which now includes the religious content and a guest verse from Travis Scott. Travis Scott is a remarkable rapper. He utilised the opportunity to throw some light and made a song indicting death penalty and racism against the black. Dr. Dre mixed the song, working along with Kanye and Scott. He seems to be working again on all of last year’s Jesus Is King.

The video of “Wash Us in the Blood” was directed by award-winning cinematographer, Arthur Jafa. Some of his famous works are Daughters of the Dust, Crooklyn, Knowles-Carter family music videos including “Don’t Touch My Hair,” “4:44,” and “Formation”.

The video is Jafa’s second collaboration with Kanye. The video mostly features a split-screen experience, with archival footage of people protesting, dancing, struggling to breathe and cars doughnut-ing. There were several clips from Grand Theft Auto as well.

The trailer of “Wash Us in the Blood”

The video finishes with Kanye’s daughter North rehearsing for the rapper’s Sunday Service. The exceptionally eye-catching video directed by Jafa also integrates footage of Ahmaud Arbery. It commences with a hook of one police officer chastising another at what appears to be a Black Lives Matter rally. 

Unlike others, Kanye is famous for working till the last minute, sometimes even after the album releases. The video encompasses more than a few of the unforgettable portrayals that have spurred our current protest moment. Kanye is known for his enormous love for art, fashion(especially his sneakers) and music. So, it isn’t surprising that he’s working with artists like Jafa, who’s one of the best in the industry. 

The news of Jafa working alongside Kanye broke out in May, when the former went out on Instagram Live with Michèle Lamy, the wife of Rick Owens. He’s the latest to contribute to Kanye’s aesthetic universe. 


“Wash Us in the Blood”  questions whether this motions the end of Evangelical Ye’s crossed-up Republican philosophies and revives the loud, challenging Yeezus. Or it’s just another perceptive aesthetic embrace of pro-Blackness from a corporate entity we hear from only when there’s a new product. Until then we’ll have to wait till the whole God’s Country album releases. 

Kanye often used to complain or “rant,” according to media houses, about how the audience puts him in a box as just a musician rather than an artist. However, this week,  Kanye is proving he’s able to juggle it all.

Featured Image Credits: Arthur Jafa / Courtesy of Def Jam Recordings

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