iPhone 12 to feature ‘high-end’ camera lenses, more latest news

Apple’s flagship models have something engrossing and unique. The latest news about the new iPhone 12 has already filled the excitement till the brim. Moreover, the reports from an insider revealed a lot about the upcoming Apple’s 2020 flagship phones, including the latest news about iPhone 12.

Iphone 12 to have a high end camera, latest news
source: Macrumors

The Insider News- iPhone 12 latest news

The report of MacRumors revealed many features much to the fans feast. According to the report, this year’s iPhone 12 will be the origin of a “high-end” camera lenses in its rear-facing camera. These lenses were said to be manufactured by Largan Precision, a Taiwanese company.

In a research note, published on Friday, Ming-Chi Kuo, a famous analyst at TF International Securities said that the shipments of the lens from Largan for iPhone 12 might reach the Apple in mid-July. Apple has received the same components slightly earlier in the last couple of years as well.

However, the Largans production window has been delayed by four to six weeks when compared to the previous years. Though not directly indicated, coronavirus pandemic is clearly a reason for the delay. This indicates that most of the shipments will take place in September and November.

This might also push Apple to break its tradition of September launch. And, bring us the much-awaited iPhone 12 in October or November as per the latest news.

About the Iphone 12 Camera Lens and other features

In the note, Kuo did not delve deep into the details about the new lenses or about their specifications for the iPhone 12. But, the mere special mention about this, is enough to suggest that this upgrade is worth the talk.

iPhone 11’s lens is not disappointing and is spectacular in its own way. However, an improvement in terms of its ability and quality is not harmful.

In a previous note, Kuo mentioned that the 6.7 inch iPhone will see improvements in the multiple rear cameras. Embedding Large sensors will help trap required light giving your image an amazing quality.

According to the Macrumors report, ”Apple is expected to launch high-end 6.7 and 6.1-inch iPhones with triple-lens cameras, and lower-end 5.4 and 6.1-inch iPhones with dual-lens cameras. Previously, Kuo has said he expects the 6.1 and 5.4-inch iPhones to go into mass production in September, while mass production on the larger 6.7-inch ‌‌iPhone‌‌ will be delayed until October because of its more complicated design”

Moreover, a 6.7 inch ‘Pro Max’ model might incorporate inspirations from iPad Pro. The ‘Pro Max’ model might feature a LiDAR scanner which was originally seen in iPad Pro. Several other rumors include a new design inspired by iPad Pro, updated “A14” processor, 5G connectivity. Adding a 120Hz ProMotion display technology, and making the notch depth even smaller are also part of the rumors.

Another survey produced a shocking result. As per the iPhone 12 latest news reports, Apple’s survey hints there won’t be a charger in the iPhone 12 box. There are chances that this might be implemented, however, the news hasn’t been confirmed yet.


Apple used a similar lens for the iPhone 11. It is indubitable that the lens worked miraculously splendid on iPhone 11. But, this doesn’t explain that it fits in for every model.

High-end lenses are paired with high-end cameras and sensors. If Apple is taking a leap in terms of lenses, then it is safe to assume that the iPhone 12 camera hardware is also going to meet the standards of the lens.

Above all, this year’s launch is going to be very exciting as the world is inundated with a virus. A pandemic launch is yet to witness. All doubts and rumors will be cleared soon.

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