Hum Releases first album in 22 years

Hum releases first album in 22 years

Old is gold“, We all are aware of this term, and in fact this seems to be true. Alternative rock band named ‘Hum‘ gained a huge fame and fan following during the 1990s. They were popular for their unique niche on space rock and their all-time radio hit “Stars” back in 1995. The band, ‘Hum‘ has returned after 22 years with their out of the blue surprise with the release of their fifth album, Inlet.

The band originally separated, after having a huge success in 2000. Although they’ve managed to have a few reunions since then. The band officially reunited in 2015, followed by a music tour and new album announcement in 2017.

The band’s been awaited for a long time. The band’s latest album, Inlet is available for purchase and streaming on Bandcamp and released via Earth Analog Records. The new album consisting of eight songs is kind of true to its original style. Including the integrating elements of space rock along with post-hardcore, shoegaze and some elements of alternative metal. The new album is definitely going to please the band’s original fan base.

Ryan Smith recorded the new album at Sterling Sound studios in Nashville, Tennessee. The frontman Matt Talbott, guitarist Tim Lash, and James Treichler handled the engineering for the project. 

The History Of ‘Hum’:

Hum release first album in 22 years

The band started its journey in Illinois. They recorded their first demo, ‘Kissing Me Is Like Kissing an Angel‘ in Steve Albini’s Chicago basement, a legendary producer. The band then went on and released the albums ‘Fillet Show‘ and ‘Electra 2000‘ on 12 Inch Records for the next few years, ultimately signing up with RCA.

Downward Is Heavenward’ was a delight to fans back then and since then they’ve been wondering about ‘Hum‘ new release. The band amassed prestige with its 1995 major-label debut, ‘You’d Prefer an Astronaut‘, and the iconic space-faring single “Stars”. The former album topped the US top indie albums chart. The latter ranked at number 6 on US top indie albums charts in 1998. ‘Downward is Heavenward’ was their final album until the release of Inlet this year.

The latest release, Inlet picks up the old classic tunes of the band. Although it seems even heavier and more brooding. With the opening guitar wall of “Waves”, Talbott and guitarist Tim Lash introduce the tone that churns and smoulders through every song. In the latest album they sound the heaviest and most metal they’ve ever sounded.

‘Hum’ Managed To Keep The Project Under The Sheets:

The band posted the last update on February 8th, 2017 stating “Working on a new Hum record.” It was posted on the website for Hum singer/guitarist Matt Talbott’s Earth Analog studios. Although it clearly seems that the band gave a hint yet they managed to keep the project highly secret with no further updates. Matt Talbott managed to keep the project under wraps, and finally emailed his fans on June 23rd: “New Hum Album Available Now”.

Band hum has made new album currently available via Bandcamp and will appear on other digital platforms “within the week.” Pre-orders for the vinyl and CD versions are available via Polyvinyl.

Inlet Track List:

Hum now has a new album

1. “Waves
2. “In the Den
3. “Desert Rambler
4. “Step into You
5. “The Summoning
6. “Cloud City
7. “Folding
8. “Shapeshifter

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