How Hollywood celebs are influencing fashion, latest trends they introduced

celebrity fashion trends
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The fashion industry and celebrities have a profound connection. They go hand-in-hand with each other, one cannot visualize the world without their connection. Today we bring you our list of celebrity fashion trends.

Celebrities have been influencing the fashion trends for a long time, back from the ’30s until 2020. They not only set the trends with their extraordinary personalities but also create them. They sometimes even bring back the existing designs as a mainstream trend.

In the modern world, the term fashion is much more than just designer clothing. They shape and impact style traits due to the fact people look up to them and use them as guides.

There are many ways in which celebrities have influenced fashion over the years. Let’s take a trip and see how the top Hollywood celeb fashion leads to the creation of trends

How Celebrities’ Influence The Fashion Trends:

celebrity fashion trends
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Hollywood celebrities influence fashion by carrying various designer outfits with astounding accessories from sneakers to designer bags to sunglasses. They wear such outfits either on occasions such as award shows or on some public appearances. Sometimes they even shock the millennials with their regular daily-life outfits.

Celebrity fashion trends often come to light with the help of designers who help them bring the best out of their clothes. These are prominent personalities that have been constantly keeping on-going fashion styles trending and influencing the public.

Since these megastars and other prominent personalities have influenced the public so much, nowadays sometimes they even set the rules on how to dress at a certain event or how you should dress at a certain age.

All thanks to Social media, which has made it easier for us to follow our favorite celebrities and be up-to-date with what they are wearing.

Although it’s pretty good to keep up with the latest trends, some people take it to the extreme and prefer dressing the same way as their favorite celebrities do, thus creating celebrity fashion trends.

Regardless of the time period, the lifestyle of the public is constantly influenced by the help of famous lifestyle icons. Since the fashion industry is highly revolutionized and influenced by styles those celebrities exhibit. Therefore, many fashion and apparel brands often manufacture replicas of what celebrities wear.

Role of Fashion Magazines:

celebrity fashion trends
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When it comes to influencing fashion trends, nothing stands better than fashion magazines. Magazines such as Vogue or Cosmopolitan, often boast of articles, images, and relevant content related to the latest trends. 

They play a massive role in enabling celebrities to influence the way the public dresses even if they are going to a park, gym, work, or even clubs. These magazines especially target and influence young men and women.

Magazines often boast of ‘How-to-dress‘ tutorials for a particular occasion. Teenage girls often look towards magazines to discern out how they must get dressed, mainly, how they have to incorporate sexuality into their apparel, and to what extent. Celebrities’ trendsetting strength is large among buyers and thus we must become aware of celebrity fashion trends and how they are influencing the minds of all around them.

Role of Media in Fashion:

Movies and television shows have influenced a whole lot of masses when it comes to fashion. Since everyone doesn’t read magazines, visual media comes to play. On average, in the United States, people are watching television for around 4-5 hours a day. The apparel brands advertise their latest trends by showcasing some celebrities wearing clothes made by them, this influences people very easily.

The dressing style of modern people is greatly influenced by the media industry as it is the platform where they see the latest fashion statement that celebrities have put on. 

You also get to see the latest and quirky fashion trends when a celeb walks down the “Red Carpet“. Celebrities show off their outfits, created by prominent fashion designers while posing for photographers. The photographs almost instantly get uploaded on the internet and become a trend. They can also be found all over newspapers, magazines, and televisions. Due to the emergence of this trend, many celeb style clothing is available in the market and online.

Latest Trends Introduced By Celebrities: 

1) Sexy Cardis & Sweater Vests

celebrity fashion trends
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Earlier this year during early fall, our celebs put up a sexier spin on both cardigans and sweater vests. Celebrities such as Katie Holmes wore a Khaite cashmere bra and cardigan, which went unexpectedly viral. 

Also, the prominent model, Bella Hadid did a cooler spin on the sweater vest when she wore a knitted utility vest, by emerging designer Reese Cooper. We also saw Harry Styles upgrading his fashion game, wearing a sweater vest covered in sheep. These are some of the top models and celebs who usually are trendsetters and bring about new fashion trends.

2) ’70s Flares– One of the most significant celebrity fashion trends

celebrity fashion trends
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 A trend flourished a few years back with everyone buying skinny jeans. But gone are those days and now stars have brought back the voluminous shaped denim, specifically flared out at the bottom. The ’70s-style, wide-leg pant made a huge comeback on both men and women, appearing in a variety of styles, too. Stars such as Priyanka Chopra and Margot Robbie rocked the internet with their bell-bottoms, creating one of the most important celebrity fashion trends for this period.

3) Statement Bags (Micro, Oversized & Murses)

celebrity fashion trends
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Fashion can never be completed without handbags, a daily essential for all women out there. Although nowadays, a handbag isn’t just meant for carrying stuff, rather they have become a fashion statement.

We often saw certain celebs, such as Lizzo carrying the teeniest, tiniest Valentino bag you’ve ever seen on the red carpet. 

Another sensation, Kendall Jenner, also stepped out holding a giant Hermès Birkin bag, her go-to traveling essential. 

Breaking the stereotype, even men were spotted carrying a purse. Ansel Elgort looked particularly slick when he paired his black top-handle style with a classic khaki suit.

4) Flip-Flop Heels

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We often catch a glimpse of our fav celebs either wearing a simple flip-flop or daunting heels, there seems to be nothing in between. 

To bridge this gap, celebs revived the divisive flip-flop heel of the ’90s. The thonged stiletto was first worn by Kim Kardashian West, who often sported Yeezy styles designed by her husband, Kanye West. After Kim brought this trend, other stars such as Rihanna and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley also started rocking the flip-flop heels. These extremely influential people have set even more celebrity fashion trends in line.

5) Baroque Men’s Jewelry

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Men’s jewelry is traditionally understated and subtle. But nowadays, men’s jewelry has become all flashy and glossy. Many megastars primarily pop singers and rappers, were spotted wearing flashy necklaces and rings. 

Ezra Miller wore ornate earrings on the red carpet, while Lil Nas X often favored sparkly necklaces. During fashion month, rapper A$AP Rocky went baroque with an ornate choker and a pearl necklace that looked straight out of a chic grandma’s jewelry box.

Conclusion: Celebrity Fashion Trends

Celebrities influence fashion trends on a huge level. They inspire people and give them ideas regarding the upcoming trends and how to present themselves. The dressing sense and style of modern millennials have greatly been influenced by celebrities. Many people literally became fashion influencers after getting inspired. 

Celebrities have a greater impact on how we live our life. Whether it is positive or negative or it’s through the way we look, dress or act and change over time.

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