How ‘Among Us’ made noise after 2 years of silence

Among Us
Credit: InnerSloth

‘Among Us’ is about petite and vivid crew members who are supposed to solve dynamic puzzles to get the spaceship functioning once again. But the amusement rises when the nasty alien in disguise comes along who is known as ‘impostor’. The game was first launched back in 2018 by InnserSloth.

The game’s initial years didn’t bring InnerSloth much fame but they’ve been fortunate enough this year. In the wake of honorable Mr. Corona, we’ve to stay at home having nothing to do. The news channels are flashing the same scripted overused headlines and the days of hanging out with friends are over for now.

At this time, Among Us has been a great companion where we can hang out with friends online or with random people.

According to Sensor Tower data, Among Us has reached 86.6 million total downloads on mobile. It was followed by an enormous surge in installs in August and September. When it was first launched in 2018, Among Us generated less than a 1,000 downloads in August. In August 2020, the game was installed more than 18,000 times that figure.

Crewmates play and Impostors slay

It consists of 4 to 10 players in each game who are preparing for their departure in the gleaming spaceship. While most of you are crewmates, a couple of them are made impostors. The impostors have to terminate sufficient players confidentially in order to win. You have to mingle, kill proficiently and break pandemonium loose upon the crewmates.

As crewmates, you can vote on who according to you is the impostor and if everyone agrees, they’ll get ejected. If a body is found or a player is uncertain of someone then they can activate a meeting.

There are times when you are killed or falsely voted off, you can still complete your tasks. There is laughter and enjoyment until the mayhem created by the malicious impostors. Then, there are false accusations, a lot of them.

Among Us
Credit: InnerSloth

Fame and Name

Among Us has recently become Twitch’s number one game with 183,000 viewers. It’s the number 3 most-played game on Steam at the moment, with a peak of 182,774 players today.

According to Steamcharts, 388,385 people played Among Us simultaneously. The ‘Among Us Struggles’, their twitter account has reached a fanbase of over360k followers. Their name in the game industry has bloomed a lot so far.

The game is really enthusiastic , runs smoothly (although, bugs have been reported) and features tons of customization alternatives. You can customize your avatar by changing their colors and peculiar accessories. You can name your avatar, duly.

It has so many tasks, exceptional choices of maps and quirky animations. The maps allow for interesting gameplay which revolves around the motive of the game, keeping it up.

Among Us can cause all kinds of drama and yet feels original and fresh in every single way. It somehow relates to the reality we are existing in. In actuality, we prep ourselves daily and team up with our co-workers, family and friends. The way we do in the game with our crewmates. There exist impostors substantially too. The games and our lives have so much in common. We just have to relate and learn.

Overall, Among Us is a refreshing game and helps kill time. Apart from the chaos of human communication, InnerSloth have come up with this fine recipe which is fit for us quarantined beings.

Everybody is going with this exciting trend but you’ll definitely be glad that you went down the rabbit hole. You just have to make sure that you aren’t impostor’s next meal!

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