America’s Got Talent’ Fans Accuse Heidi Klum Of ‘bullying And Body-shaming’ Contestant

America's Got Talent' Fans Accuse Heidi Klum Of 'bullying And Body-shaming' Contestant

German model, television personality and America’s Got Talent judge Heidi Klum got accused of bullying and fat shaming on the Tuesday’s episode of the show.

This happened when a plus-size contestant named Amanda LaCount came to perform on the stage.

19-year-old Amanda shared that she loves dancing and came there with her mother who has supported her all along. She shared her struggles with her weight and how people treated her badly at occasions. She added that one time a dance studio director asked her to leave the studio since she was different from other girls. She said that she feels that this stage will welcome her and judges will accept her as herself. 

Heidi Klum accused of bullying contestant

Amanda stunned everyone when she took the stage and surprised everyone with her moves. LaCount danced to “Nails Hair Hips Heels” by Todrick Hall. All the judges Sofia, Simon and Howie seemed very impressed with her except Heidi. 

Even Simon Cowell, who is called the cruelest judge on the show, was impressed by her. He said, “Your joy and enthusiasm is so contagious. Look, this is why we have our different people on panel. We all have honestly, different opinions. I’m going to remember you. And I’d like to see where you could progress.”

She pressed the buzzer almost towards the end of her performance. Seeing this, the audience seemed shocked and booed her.

The audience of the show accused Heidi of bullying and fat shaming Amanda because of her being a plus size.

At the end of her performance she received a standing ovation from all the judges except of Heidi. The former Project Runway host was called ‘cruel’ and a  bully for cutting short the dancer after letting other ‘horrible’ acts continue.

A twitter user said-‘Heidi has ignored some horrible acts, but she chose this one to respond to. A young lady who has already been rejected based on her looks. She could have delivered her opinion without the buzzer’ 

Fans were very angry with Heidi for this and took their anger out on twitter.

One fan said – Guess we shouldn’t be surprised the runway anorexic runway model Heidi Klum X the chubby dancer.

While another tweeted:@heidiklum #AGT What you did to that dancer that you said no to was a form of bullying!! Most of the acts on the show are not ‘million dollar acts’! She needed to be validated by all of you for her courage and work.” 

And one viewer agreed: ‘I thought it was so rude of Heidi Klum to give the dancer an X on America’s Got Talent…shes just another bully on the playground.’

Heidi was accused of being unfair although Amanda moved up in the competition but fans were clearly upset with her.

While fellow judge Howie Mandel initially voted no on Lacount as well, he ultimately changed his vote after being persuaded by the audience. 

Sofia Vergara and Simon Cowell both gave her positive feedback and a ‘yes’ enabling her to progress to the show’s next stage.

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