Harley Quinn Season 3 is happening!

Harley quinn Season 3, HBO Max. Pay attention you all, Dr. Harley Frances Quinzel is paving her way back to your hearts afresh. 

On September 18, 2020, the series was officially renewed for a third season. There was also the announcement that the show would permanently move to HBO Max. The release date hasn’t been finalized yet but it is unquestionably happening.

Harley Quinn is an adult animated series based on the DC Comics, crafted by Justin Halpern, Patrick Schumacker and Dean Lorey. We’ve been through the journey of its downright hilarious and phenomenal adventurous in seasons 1 and 2.

The recent confirmation that the creators are up for a Season 3 has shook the internet. Albeit, the plot details are heavily under the wraps it will unfold many histrionic twists and turns and intense peaks and troughs.

Harley Quinn season 3: Quinn with her squad
Credit: DC Universe

Season 1 gave us a colorful plot with Harley and Joker breaking up. Correspondingly, Harley joined the bad guys which consisted of Doctor Psycho, King Shark, Clayface, Sy Borgman and of course her partner-in-crime Poison Ivy strolling into the Legion of Doom. It made us crave for more when Harley and her group of smooth operators worked together to squash the Justice League. They finally took over Gotham for themselves.

The dramatic and thoroughly memorable Season 2 ended with Commissioner Jim Gordon crashing Poison Ivy’s wedding to Kite Man. His motive to get ahead of the Justice League was subtly destroyed by Harley when she marked her entry to rescue her best friend Poison Ivy. A tremendous chaos ensues and everything comes crashing down.

However, Ivy and Harley confess their romantic feelings to each other. As the sky turns pink, Harley and Ivy drive off into the sunset together. They finally set their hands on their much deserved happily ever after.

Harley Quinn season 3: Harley and Ivy driving into the sunset.
Credit: DC Universe

The sparkling greenlight to Harley Quinn Season 3

Kaley Cuoco who is the voice behind Harley Quinn is all set and determined to stun us with yet another season. At DC FanDome, co-showrunner Justin Halper said, “we want to put our crisp focus on Harley and Ivy’s relationship. I’m less terrified if Joker gets a new girlfriend or not. I’m in (exploring) this relationship that we’ve spent two years building.”

Cuoco and Bell also joked about their friendship as co-stars. “It’s so interesting not to see her and function with her, yet when I see her in person I’m going, ‘Hey babe,’” Cuoco said. “We’re dating, we’re certainly dating,” Bell said in an interesting tone.

The budding romance

Harley’s relationship with Joker was gloriously detrimental. We had seen Harley and Ivy, both in unhealthy relationships in the past. But now they’ve treasured and confessed their feelings for one another. We might see in Harley Quinn season 3 that will portray magical and undeniably heart fluttering yet adventurous and dauntless voyage.

The modification of their friendship into a romantic relationship is going to bring complications but let’s see what the creators have in the bag this time.

The Cast-blast

The much-awaited season 3 will showcase the voices of Kaley Cuoco (Harley Quinn), Lake Bell (Poison Ivy), Alan Tudyk (Joker), Tony Hale (Dr. Psycho), Ron Funches (King Shark), Jason Alexander (Sy Borgman), and J.B. Smoove (Frank The Plant).

DC Universe you’re a bundle of joy! Get ready to delve into the madness.

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