Graphic Novel-Styled First-Person Shooter XIII Will Finally Reveal Gameplay on June 8th

Fans of the cult classic game, XIII, can get giddy with enthusiasm as Microids has announced that the first reveal of the gameplay of the remake will be shown during IGN’s Summer of Gaming on June 8th. 

XIII is a First-Person Shooter game based on a Belgian graphic novel series of the same name. It follows an amnesic man who searches for his identity after he finds himself stranded on a beach. He gets caught up in a conspiracy involving a group planning to overthrow the government having already assassinated the President of United States. 

 The game, published and developed by Ubisoft, was first released in November 2003. While the initial release of the game didn’t sell very well, it has since developed into a cult classic, with many observers and players of the belief that the game was way ahead of its time when it came to features like stealth gameplay and interaction with the environment. However, the mixed reviews and low sale figures did prove to be the demise of the series as despite of its cliffhanger of an ending, the game was shelved without a sequel.

Fans will be waiting with bated breath as to how Ubisoft approaches this project. There are two possible directions in which the studio can decide to take the game-

  • Complete Remastered Edition

This would be the ideal scenario for the fans. A complete remastered version XIII would mean that players will likely get a whole new game with contemporary graphics, gameplay and most importantly, a satisfying end to the main story. Ubisoft will earn a lot of fan credit in their banks if they end up going this route. However, a fully remastered version could take a long time to fully develop. Notably, the game’s release has already been delayed once, from the original date of November 13, 2019.

  • One-to-One Remaster

This is if the game developers just port XIII onto the current consoles with all the latest graphic capabilities and smoother gameplay while avoiding any tweaks to the basic game story. This will just a shot of nostalgia in this case. While the fans will still likely eat it up considering how fondly the game is looked upon nearly two decades after its release, it would still be mildly disappointing for the fans who are hoping for a definitive conclusion to the game. 

Whichever direction the game takes in the remake, it will undoubtedly be a treat for the fans of the original game who will be able to see their favorite character go through his journey on up-to-date consoles now. For players new to the series wanting to know what the excitement is all about, they can check out the 2003 release on GOG.

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