Google Pay may become a one-stop portal for shopping in the US, Says Reports

Digital wallets and Online Payments are taking over the world. With these tap-to-pay wallets, the payments have been easier than ever through mobiles and tablets. Google Pay or generally known as G-Pay is a widely used application all over the world. Google’s digital payment service has made money transactions a piece of cake.

This COVID-19 Pandemic has highlighted the importance of contactless payments, allowing many companies to make necessary changes to benefit the customers. Google is a Universal Brand, with several countries using Google Pay, any added perk will help users all over the world.

Google Pay was born as a child to Android Pay and Google Wallet on January 8, 2018. Since then its peer-to-peer,in-store, and online payment services have seen unprecedented success.

Google Pay Money may become a one stop portal for shopping in the usa

Google is the abode of new features and inventions, yet another time google is all set to revamp Google Pay. As of The Information, Google is making an effort to refurbish the U.S Google Pay by allowing online and brick-and-mortar merchants to set their branded buttons within the App, currently, they are working for this update on the U.S version. This new addition will possibly make it a one-stop shopping portal in the United States of America.

They say with the cooperation of retailers and suppliers, this vision will become true. The employees of Google are in an endless endeavor on how to pursue the quintessential merchants like grocery stores, restaurants, shopping malls, and gas stations to agree for this commerce revolutionary feature.

According to this new design, users or customers who are using the app can easily find the branded button of the merchant inside the digital wallet and place their required orders as such pay for the provided services without leaving the application.

google pay money

The Indian version of Google Pay already has such features. With the integration of much famous food ordering and in-app hailing brands on this app, customers can pay for the vendor’s service through G-Pay albeit users cant directly shop from G-Pay. Google is trying to bring this scale of success and features into the US market.

The parent of Google Pay, Google wallet supplied its users with a plastic debit card. Similar to this Google might provide us with a debit card for Google Pay as well, but this time Google is trying to build a customized and digital debit card. According to the technical website, TechCrunch, with the introduction of Google Pay Card into the market the advantages and utility of the app will gradually rise. This feature may need Google to persuade different banks to come on board. Currently, the money transfers in Google Pay happen through a traditional approach, that is using the card issued by our respective banks.

Be it Google or Apple, the United States of America was always skeptical in welcoming digital wallets. Maybe this newly added feature will likely increase the app’s utility in the United States of America considering the situations of the Pandemic as well. This will be a global opportunity to embrace the digital era.

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