Future and Lori Harvey Thought to Have Split After They Unfollow Each Other

Breakup rumors have started to surface the internet about rapper Future and his partner Lori Harvey after they unfollow each other on Instagram.

Future  and Lori Harvey break up: DId it really happen?

Future and Lori as lovebirds

The 36-year-old singer-rapper Future, started dating comedian Steve Harvey’s 23-year-old stepdaughter and model Lori Harvey last year. 

Fans probably guessed about the two when Lori attended Future’s 36th birthday party at Los Angeles last year in November. That day Future even posted a video of him and Lori riding their merry way in his car having a blast together.

It was only around the beginning of this year in January that he took to Instagram to officially announce his relationship with her.  

The couple spent a great deal of time together as they traveled to places like Africa, Dubai, and several others. Future also took Lori to Jamaica for a trip on her 23rd birthday this year. Lori shared a photo of herself hugging Future at her party with a heart emoji on it.

Their budding love and sweet moments together sparked attention from his fans and media. They constantly supported and promoted each other’s works. Lori also moved in with Future into a Beverly Hills mansion right before the pandemic where she often posted pictures on social media of herself and the rapper enjoying their time together in the pool during the lockdown. 

Did Future and Lori Breakup?

Fans were shocked when the couple deleted all the posts of them together from Instagram a week ago. Future, in fact, deleted most of his posts with only a couple of them there on his Insta currently. Lori too removed all of her and the rapper’s posts taken together.

In addition to this, Lori Harvey was spotted at the Los Angeles Airport on Monday getting ready to leave the city.

Future on the other hand was reported to be hanging out with other models after Lori moved out. This led many to speculate that the two might have split though none of them have confirmed anything as of yet. 

The split was not something fans expected considering all this time Future and Lori have been so happy together. Also, Lori has been by his side giving him support the whole time especially when the rapper was fighting multiple paternity cases at court.

Future may have a pretty sorted out career but his personal life is a tangle full of women and paternity suits over children he had with all of them. The rapper’s exes have sued him multiple times for defamation, slander, and libel. Most fans believe that this may have been the reason for their split.

Well, the endless family drama with the exes and the legal battle at the court could take a toll on anyone. Anyway, we still don’t know when or if at all either Future or Lori Harvey would give any official update on their relationship. So for now we can only assume that have parted ways.

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