New Fortnite Item Shop Adds Drake Tootsie Slide Emote

The Item shop of Fortnite has been updated on PC, mobile devices, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.  Fortnite Update 12.61 is the latest and the last update of the present season of the game. The size of the update for Play Station 4 is 1.4 GB and Xbox One is 3.88 GB.  The present update was supposed to bring with it the Drake Tootsie Slide emote as suggested by previous leaks and rumors. It is great news for the fans that the present update has indeed included the Drake Tootsie Slide emote.  The emote of Tootsie Slide is included with a collaboration between Drake and Fortnite.

The emote besides featuring the official dance also shows Drake playing when players breakout in the viral dance.  The latest addition to the icon series is the dance. World-famous streamers and celebrities are highlighted by these specific cosmetics. The cost of the emote is only 500 V-Bucks. This means that the emote will be used by everyone in a few days.

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The release was made official via the Fortnite’s official page on Twitter on May 30, 2020. It posted the video of the emote and wrote,” Right foot up, left foot slide over to the Item shop to grab the Tootsie slide emote, the newest addition to the Icon Series.” The dance is subjected to copyright from its appearance as a leak to its Epic Games social networks official release. The official tweet’s audio featuring the dance has also been removed for avoiding problems. The sound of the emote in the game is fully functional.

The item shop also currently has all of the other Borderland cosmetics and Psycho Bandit skin which was released last year by Epic Games before the release of Borderlands 3. These items are in the Featured same similarly like the Tootsie Slide emote. Additionally, the item shop also features Ground Pound, Raptor, Swamp Stalker, Party Animal, Saxy Grove, Assault Bomber, Spring-Loaded, Jellie, Ragsy, Scampi, and Slurp. 

In the latest update, the developer Epic Games does not have any official patch notes to share.  It includes new offers such as Windshear item and a new Cyclo skin. These are related to the upcoming event of Doomsday event and are not made life yet on the item shop. It means that they may also be subjected to some change.

The update introduces Storm the Agency challenges regarding in terms of new content. This will allow unlocking new items by the players, including a glider, free pickaxe, and wrap. The challenges involved tracing down spy bases and safe houses and are straightforward. Furthermore, few small hints are included about the next big event of the game. A loading screen is also included depicting Midas looking the armor of Cyclo with a mysterious figure. 

Fortnite Storm The Agency Challenges includes Land at The Agency, Survive 10 Storm Circles, Open a faction locked Chest at three different spy bases, swim over five hatches at The Agency, and Eliminate a Henchman at three different Safe Houses. 

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