Fortnite Developer Epic Games Sues Google, apple After Latest Ban, the whole row explained: fortnite removed from play store

Fortnite Developer Epic Games sues Google after being banned from the Google Play app store, hours after doing the same with Apple. Apple and Google both removed the hit game from their app stores after Epic Games bypassed their payment systems, to avoid giving them a cut of sales.

Every app that works on either Apple or Google’s app store has to give them generally, a standard 30% of purchases on their app stores.

However on Android phones, app stores other than Google Play are available, so it still possible to install Fortnite from Epic Games’ own launcher app and the Samsung Galaxy app store, making it less restrictive than Apple’s system.

fortnite sues google apple

Reason for Legal Action Against Google, Apple

The actual cause being that – on August 13, Epic rolled out the Fortnite Mega Drop This consisted of two components. First, the price of V-Bucks–Fortnite’s in-game currency, used to buy its popular skins, dances, and seasonal battle passes–was discounted by 20% on all platforms. This was a straight discount on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, but in the versions of the game distributed through the iOS App Store and Google Play Store , it worked a little differently. As part of this price drop, Epic introduced direct payments in Fortnite on mobile. Rather than using Apple or Google’s payment processing methods, you could pay Epic directly through the game, taking a short cut, eliminating the involvement of the phone manufacturers entirely.

You could still pay the old way, but you’d be paying the existing, higher price by doing so. Both Google and Apple take a 30% cut of those sales; they get nothing from players who utilize Epic’s new direct payment method, which allows the developer to earn 100% of the sale price. Even though Epic is now selling V-Bucks for 20% less than it has previously, it still would be earning 10% more than it does by using Apple and Google’s payment processing. All of this set off alarm bells among observers–bypassing Apple and Google in such a way violates their respective store policies, so the question quickly became: Will these companies ban Fortnite from their stores? The answer soon after, came out to be yes, with Apple pulling Fortnite from the App Store within a few hours. Google followed suit later in the day.

The companies behind the iOS and Google Play app stores said they removed Fortnite because its developer, Epic Games, violated their guidelines by announcing a way for players to buy in-game currency without using Apple and Google’s proprietary payment systems. Their argument is absolutely fair.

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It quickly became clear that the suits were not a spur of the moment decision by Epic. The complaints ran to 60 pages each, and one of the lawyers involved is Christine Varney, who ran the Justice Department’s antitrust division during the Obama administration. Epic then added insult to injury, releasing a video parodying Apple’s iconic “1984” ad, casting Apple in the role of villain. It also threw Google’s “Don’t Be Evil” slogan back at the tech company, and accused the firm of having “relegated its motto to nearly an afterthought.”

Such is the popularity of the game, that the decision has kept millions of fans waiting, now, that the game is eliminated from both iOS app store as well as Google’s Play store, both of the platforms stand stubborn on their decision and would not back out until Fortnite does. Epic has sued Goggle after Apple, which brings out its state of frustration on both the platform’s decision. What do you think will happen next? Do tell us in the comments down below!

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