Final Fantasy 16 New Updates

Final Fantasy is a Japanese media franchise, originally centered around a role-playing fantasy video game of the same name, the franchise also branched out to various CGI movies, manga, anime, and even novels.

Hironobu Sakaguchi is the creator of the franchise while it is owned by Square Enix who is also the series’ developers. The video game franchise is one of the highest-grossing of all time, standing at $10.9 billion in revenue in its lifetime.


The gameplay in the series is based on role-playing where the characters assume the role of one of the groups of heroes in the game in their fight against evil, the battle not only focuses on the fight but also the journey as we get to discover the various sides of of the player, their relationships and the internal turmoil that they face.

Most of the games in the series are stand-alone games as their stories only happen in the individual game and there is no continuation of the story into another installment, though the games have different plot, characters and even the setting, the mechanical aspects of the game such as the gameplay and the systems remain almost the same.

Many installments in the series have introduced other genres of the game into the franchise action role-playing, tactical role-playing, massively multiplayer online role-playing, third-person shooter, racing, fighting making the various installments all the more popular as the gamers enjoy different genres while keeping with the quality of the final fantasy experience.

Final Fantasy XVI

Its been almost four years since the Final Fantasy XV came out if we look at the main series rather than the remake of the seventh game that came out after XV.

And as the consoles change, the gamers and fans of the franchise are already speculating when the next installment in the main series will come out i.e Final Fantasy XVI.

Although there are a lot of rumors flying around as to when the game is gonna be released and when it’s going to come out but there has been no official confirmation to the game and there has been no indication as to the game.

Riding high on the success of the Final Fantasy seven remake, it is probable that we won’t see the game come out soon and if the game is in development and ready, then the people at Square Enix are doing a great job at keeping it a secret.

Reception to the series

The series that was launched in 1987 and spans around the time of about 30 years has made a great impact in the role-playing game genre and is one of the most popular series among the gamers.

Almost all of the 15 installments in the series attained a highly positive response from the gamer community as well as the critics.

Though the Final Fantasy XV got less popularity than the previous installments the launch of the Final Fantasy 7 remake made up for that as the gamers regarded it as one of the best installments in the franchise.

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