Fated memories coming to Nintendo Switch

Fated memories on Switch release date and more
Piofore: Fated Memories coming to Switch this fall (Credits: gematsu.com)

Nintendo Switch owners can rejoice as the much-awaited game, Piofore: Fated Memories is coming to Nintendo Switch this fall. Although the game was launched for Switch in Asia as early as 2019, it is only now coming to North America. However, that is not a new trend. Most of the games are released in Asia earlier as the development of the game is taken care of in that region. Moreover, the indigenous population makes sure that the release of the game is off to a hot start. However, it was first launched for just PS Vita in 2018.

About Piofore: Fated Memories

Piofore: Fated Memories is an action-adventure animated game that shows the journey of Liliana Adornato. Fondly, called Lily, she is dragged at the center of the turf wars between three criminal organizations. Therefore, Lily realizes that there is no way back now and she is all in. Her journey forms the crux of the story of this game.

The game is developed by Aksys in collaboration with Idea Factory and Design Factory. Therefore, the fans can rest easy knowing that the title is in safe hands. The official product description reads as follows-

Liliana Adornato was born and raised in the church in the centre of the Italian town of Burlone. Three criminal organizations control parts of the city, and Lily discovers that she is literally in the centre of their turf wars. Her encounters with the leaders of the Falzone, Visconti, and Lao-Shu families lead to danger and distraction. Once Lily is drawn into the shadowy world of crime, she realizes there is no going back.

  • Experience gorgeous music and artwork depicting the sun-drenched (and sin-filled) world of early 1900’s Italy.
  • Navigate organizations filled with intrigue and betrayal as three mafia families fight for honour and control.
  • Unlock additional story options, new perspectives, and deeper, deadlier secrets as you complete the game multiple times.

You can check out the trailer for Fated Memories below-

Summer or Gaming Bonanza for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo’s Switch has been a huge hit with the fans. Therefore, more and more titles are being released for the console. Moreover, even the games released earlier for older consoles are being ported to the Nintendo Switch. Consequently, games like Shiren The Wanderer have already been announced for a port to Switch. Moreover, games like Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee have seen huge success since being ported to Switch.

Therefore, this upcoming fall and Christmas is an exciting time for the fans. The game Piofore: Fated Memories will have a release date of December 31, 2020. However, it can be pre-ordered on many sites for $49.99.

The game promises to be an ideal mix of challenge and exciting. Moreover, games based on Japanese anime rarely fail to live up to the expectations. Therefore, fans can expect a fun-filled experience full of twists and turns. Moreover, the trailer for the game, released on June 24, has heightened the expectations. Although not much has been given away, the animations look on point and the story is engrossing, to say the least.

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