Ewan McGregor to lose half of his TV and Movie fortunes in Expensive Divorce Settlement

Ewan McGregor is losing half of his fortune that he has earned from TV and movies in his expensive divorce settlement. Ewan’s split with his wife, Eve Mavrakis comes after being together for more than 20 years.

The news of the split came after Ewan McGregor was spotted getting cozy with Mary Elizabeth. The couple were co-stars in Fargo and are reportedly still together.

The Bifurcation of the Properties

Ewan McGregor and Eve called quits in 2017 and have been engaged in a divorce settlement battle ever since. According to court documents, the couple will be splitting their assets. For Ewan, it will split his earnings from TV and Movies that he has worked on when they were still together.

All the residuals and royalties from films or TV shows that the actor starred in the past will be community property and split with Mavrakis. The films and shows include Fargo, the three Star Wars movies, Emma, Trainspotting, Moulin Rogue among others.

Ewan will also reportedly half the 3 million dollars he got for his 2018 movie, Christopher Robin, with his ex, Eve, even after the movie was made after their split. Movies and shows that Ewan made after 28th May 2017 will be considered his own property except for Christopher Robin which will be community property. We are yet to know the reason behind such an exception.

The couple got joint legal custody of their youngest kid daughter, 9-year-old Anouk. They have three other older daughters, Clara who is 24, Jamyan who is 19, and Esther who is 18. Ewan is also required to pay almost around 15 thousand dollars per month to Eve in child support. He will also pay almost 36 thousand dollars each month for spousal support.

McGregor is holding up to 30 cars whereas Eve gets to keep 5 cars. Although their 6.62 million dollars home in Los Angeles will go to Eve.

In 2018 after the couple filed for divorce, their eldest daughter, Clara reportedly went on to call her father’s new girlfriend, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, a piece of trash on Instagram.

About the ex Couple Ewan McGregor and Eve Mavrakis

Ewan McGregor Divorce Settlement
Credit – foxnews.com

The couple met on the sets of the British television show, Kavanagh QC, in the year 1995. Eve was a production designer on the show. The couple got married in August 1995. McGregor filed for divorce in January 2018 after 22 years of marriage. The news of the divorce came months after McGregor and his Fargo co-star, Winstead were spotted at a London Cafe. The alleged affair reportedly came out in a highly public way.

In the 2018, Golden Globes Awards, McGregor thanked his co-star Winstead and his ex wife Eve, when he won the Best Lead Actor in a Miniseries for his role in Fargo.

He said that there would have been no Ray without Mary Elizabeth Winstead and thanked her. He further added that he would take a moment to thank Eve who always stood by him for 22 years. McGregor also thanked his four children for their support and love and aid that he loved them.

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