Everything Coming to Netflix and Prime Video This September

With every passing month, the best of releases find their way onto Netflix and Prime Video for the audiences to feast on. Keeping up with the release material can be hard, and it can help in anticipating a good watch for the month ahead.

Netflix September release and Prime Video’s Television shows and movies of all genres invite a release on to the new platforms, both originals, and pre-released works, that add to the audience’s lists each month.

We have detailed all the shows and films that are going to be released this September on the two popular platforms for your streaming pleasure.

Netflix September Releases To Look Out For

Netflix September release

There are always mixed reviews of the shows and films that Netflix releases each year every month. While some fare well among viewers, others are more or less pushed to the far back. For the Netflix September release there’s news for new Original films and series that are both returning to the screen and making a debut.

September 11

  1. Family Business (Season 2)

The previously well-received and enjoyed French comedy show is back! Centering on the efforts of a man’s plans to turn his father’s family business of kosher butcher into an outlet for weed dispensation, the show depicts business highs and familial lows.

  • The Duchess

Another anticipated British comedy that fans of the genre will love. Written and starred in by comedian, Katherine Ryan, the show is set to revolve around the story of a woman living in London with her child, all the while struggling with the advents of single parenthood.

September 15

  • Izzy’s Koala World

A new reality streaming series that will show the life of an 11-year old young girl, Izzy who lives with her mother on an Australian island. Together, they take care of koalas that are adopted for rehabilitation.

September 16

  • The Devil All the Time

The year’s much-anticipated film for its outstanding cast is here! It revolves around a story set in the 60s of an Ohio town still in the aftermath of WWII. A young man’s attempts to prove his claims of the dangerous nature of the new hot priest at the Church uncover a thrilling plot.

  • The Paramedic

The Spanish films are getting an addition. A previously employed paramedic works for an ambulance service. Suddenly, he finds himself in a wrongful accident that leaves him paralyzed and wheelchair stricken. On begins his quest to seek revenge and punish those responsible.

September 17

  • The Last Word

Here’s a new spin of the ‘dead husband’ genre. A comedy focusing on a German woman’s new chance at life after overcoming the death of her husband by turning into a professional eulogist.

  • Dragon’s Dogma

On the anime front, a new film based a video game turned to a film on popular demand. The quest of one heartless man in search for the dragon who stole it. He travels in vengeance while trying to sustain his disappearing humanity.

September 18

  • Ratched

Fans of classic films will recognise this character from the Academy Award winning film, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. This series featuring a prequel to Nurse Ratched’s work jounery through a mental institution that attempts to give an explanation for her later hateful nature.

September 22

  • Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father (Season 4)

This fun-filled travel show starring British comedian, Jack Whitehall and his sassy father are all that you will need on the travel show front this September.

September 23

  1. Enola Holmes

Another much awaited film is set to release towards the end of September. Fans of Sherlock will know what all the fuss is about. This show attempting a possible divergence from canon shows Holmes with a young sister who receives training from the great detective itself and sets off on an adventure to retrieve their disappeared mother. A well-rounded cast, and a popular franchise will keep you waiting impatiently.

September 25

  1. Sneakerheads

The comedic journey of a former sneakerhead that gets entangled with some cash issues. Trying to gain back the money that he lost, him and his friend set off on a show mission to find one that is coveted in order to sell for a good price. He must complete it well before his wife can find out about any of it.

With a good amount of comedies and thrillers set to release, the Netflix September release schedule is full of laughter and excitement this September.

Amazon Prime Video

Netflix September release

Other than the Netflix September release, there are quite a few good picks from Prime Video this September. Not many Prime Video Originals gets released. But when they do, they leave audiences reeling from the entertainment blast. Here are all the films and shows, original or otherwise, releasing this September on Prime Video.

  • The Boys (Season 2)

September 4

The well-received sci-fi Original series is following up with a new season this September. Centering around the efforts of a group of superheroes who band together to take down the “bad” heroes, the show presents a fun take on the dark side of a superhero. Some superheroes have taken to loving the fame and love that comes with the job too much. The Boys embark on their personal mission to take up these bad eggs who now take up amoral missions against the virtues of their job.

  • The Infiltrator

September 4

Bryan Cranston is back on screen and to the excitement of fans of Breaking Bad, he’s back dealing with drugs, except this time he’s on the other side of the law. Taking on an undercover mission, a US Customs Service Agent attempts to expose scandals of money laundering and drug trafficking.

  • Holly Slept Over

September 18

The story of a young married couple whose romantic lives have taken the turn for a bore. But things suddenly spark when the wife reveals her encounters with a woman during her time at college and begins a tale of third-wheeling romance.

  • Utopia

September 25

This original series tells the story of the drama that ensues when a group of teenagers finds a cult graphic novel. This set them to embark on a dangerous mission to save the world.

The Prime Video picks this September are all the cinematic mastery you will want to look forward to this September.

From lists of Netflix September release and Prime Video’s picks of the month, the curation of our list covers all picks you need to know of. Find something that you’d enjoy and start watching!

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