Evan Spiegel Praises Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom’s Co-parenting Skills

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Co-parenting is not an easy task, especially with an ex-partner. For most of them, it’s not something one plans before beginning to create a family with someone. However, the situations take turns and people end up splitting. They face unique challenges that involve emotions and egos. Keeping them aside is not a piece of cake, but it’s also necessary to get cohesive results for the child involved. 

Two people who are currently nailing the co-parenting scenario are Miranda Kerr and her ex-husband Orlando Bloom.

Evan Spiegel, the CEO of Snapchat, praised her wife Miranda Kerr’s co-parenting relationship with Orlando Bloom in a recent interview.

I Am In No Way A Replacement For Flynn’s Dad:

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Spiegel spoke about his own parents getting divorced, which enlightened him about one view of co-parenting. He also gave an inside glimpse into his wife’s and her ex-husband, co-parenting skills. Evan is raising a 9-year-old son, Flynn with Miranda.

The Snapchat CEO, 30, gave an interview to WSJ. Magazine on July 14. In the interview he said, 

What I saw from Miranda and Orlando was very different from what I experienced.

I am in no way a replacement for Flynn’s dad. I feel like [I’m a part of] Team Flynn.

Evan Spiegel went on talking about how he admires Kerr’s “Aussie way” of having an open-door policy. This includes Flynn’s friends, and his biological father, Bloom, 43. They can come over whenever they want.

This is one of the things I love about Miranda,” Spiegel, told WSJ. Magazine. “Everyone is welcome. It’s the Aussie way.”

The duo, Evan and the former Victoria’s Secret Angel, 37, have two sons Hart, 2, and Myles, 9 months. Ever since the pandemic started, they have been quarantining with their family. amid 

“[Flynn’s] screen-time restrictions are out the window,” Spiegel shared.

However, her wife, Miranda disagreed with him stating, “We do limit screen time around here.

The Dynamic Relation Of Miranda Kerr And Orlando Bloom:

Miranda and Bloom got married in 2010 and shortly welcomed their son in 2011, after which they got split in 2013. As for now, Bloom is expecting a child with her fiance, an international pop singer, Katy Perry

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Bloom spoke about their co-parenting skills back in 2017. The Lord of the Rings star told Elle UK back in time saying, 

Miranda and I have a remarkable relationship. We co-parent really well

In an interview with Howard Stern in 2019 Bloom said that it wasn’t always as easy as it seems now. He added, “I always was like, ‘Listen, we’re gonna be in each other’s lives for the rest of each other’s lives. We have a child. Let’s [do] whatever it takes.'”

Orlando also joked about his son, Flynn ending up with therapy. He said, ” My son has got Evan Spiegel as his stepdad. The titans of industry. Miranda the supermodel and Katy Perry as his [future stepmom].”

In 2019, Miranda Kerr also conveyed her feelings about her ex-husband. She talked about how “really grateful” she is to have such a supporting ex-husband and Katy Perry in her life.

The KORA Organics creator said, “We really do get along so well. We all have Flynn’s best interests at heart, in the interests of our family as a whole. We just worked together to work it out … I’m very happy. It may not have worked out that way, but I’m really happy and feel very blessed that it has.”

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